Haunted England: Nottingham, Oxford

Nottingham is a city of Nottinghamshire, which can be found in the East Midlands of England, located close to the River Trent. In the past, this area has been named the “second worst place to live” within the United Kingdom, but not for the haunted spots it possesses, but for having outrageous gun crime, resulting in about one shooting per day. The city of Oxford, located in England, is home to one of the oldest universities, the University of Oxford, as well as the ghost of George Napier.


When you reach the Galleries of Justice, located in Nottingham, you may feel as if you are being watched when visiting this site. Because of this, there is no wonder that ghost tours are held here. The eerie feeling may be attributed to the fact that numerous sightings have been reported regarding the hanging of criminals. It is said that their ghosts wander about the courtrooms and building offices. At Wellston Hall, a female ghost has been documented as appearing in the area. She has been spotted on several different occasions, dressed in period clothing. She roams about the grounds and then disappears into a mist.


Another haunted spot that may be encountered when visiting Nottingham is the Victoria Leisure Center. The legend behind this site deals with an elderly duty officer by the name of George. It is said that he found a room within the subways located under the center and claimed it as his personal getaway. When visiting his own little sanctuary, he passed away from a heart attack. His body was not discovered until many days later. His ghost is believed to roam about the premises. The small pool that can be found on the grounds was also the location of a World War II morgue. About this area, numerous ghost sightings have been reported. A lifeguard once claimed to see the ghost of a man running alongside the pool. His head was placed upon his shoulders in a backwards manner. 

Moving onto Oxford, the Priestleys Woods is the location where you may encounter the ghost of the Lady on a Horse. Riding sidesaddle, she can be seen searching for her family members. Tales state that her family drowned in the area lake.


When you reach Sandford in Oxford, the ghost of a man by the name of George Napier has been sighted on numerous occasions. This man suffered the dreaded torturous process of being hung, drawn and quartered. His children gathered his limbs, but could not recover his head. Legend has it that every Christmas Eve, his ghost can be seen riding upon a coach drawn by four horses, traveling down the river. This is when he searches for his lost head. Superstitious people believe that if you spot him, you will die within a year. 


The Sanford Village Hill is also a site filled with paranormal activity. Several locals will tell you that there is an occurrence that happens once in a blue moon, but has been seen and heard by numerous witnesses. Tales swirl involving the sight of a man who will emit a loud scream that weakens the ear. Shortly after this sound is heard, a face and hands of a man have been seen pushing through a wall. The man’s face is described as appearing stretched. The scene is said to put onlookers into a trance.