Haunted English Castles: Arundel & Corfe

Throughout England, there are many different haunted locations to explore and nothing is better that catching a glimpse at a castle with a historic legend to follow. Attached to these legends are a variety of ghosts and apparitions that roam throughout the premises. In this article, you will learn of the Arundel and Corfe Castles, which possess interesting pasts to take notice of.


Arundel Castle


Located in the center of West Sussex, there is the attractive castle of Arundel, which has served as the residence for the Dukes of Norfolk since the days of the Norman Conquest. During the 17th century, a fire broke out, destroying a huge part of the castle. Since the flames engulfed the castle, there have been major reconstruction efforts. Today, the site contains a wide range of valuable pieces of art, but is also a popular stomping ground for a variety of ghosts.


The first ghost inhabiting the grounds is that of a young woman, who is often seen wearing white. About the Hiorne’s Tower is where you will encounter this apparition. Her ghost tends to appear by the light of the moon. She is a star-crossed lover, who is believed to have taken her own life. Throwing herself from the tower, it is thought that she couldn’t deal with a love affair gone wrong.


The second ghost of Arundel Castle has earned the nickname of the “Blue Man.” He is often sighted in the library of the castle. He must have affection towards reading because many different times, he has been seen plowing through some of the books of the library. His ghost is believed to have a history that can be traced back to the days of King Charles II.


Another ghost connected to this location is not the ghost of something that was once human, but of a member of the animal kingdom. A small white bird has been known to frequent the grounds of the castle. The white bird has been seen hovering about the windows of the castle. Legend states that the bird is an omen that death awaits someone who is associated with the castle.


Corfe Castle


Positioned in Purbeck, Dorset, visitors will find the historic castle of Corfe, which has housed many a king in its day. One former residence was King Edward the Martyr, who eventually lost his life while living at the castle. The history of this castle also reveals the unfortunate demise of 22 Frenchmen, who were locked in the castle dungeon and left for dead. King John ordered this, but these are not the entities that wreak havoc about the grounds. The ghost of a headless woman has been spotted on numerous occasions. Her image is described as one dressed in white, appearing whenever a distinct chill has hit the air.