Haunted English Castles: Craster Tower & Scotney

Dating back to the 14th century, the Craster Tower has been known for providing visitors with a good scare. The tower has been known for offering a wide-range of paranormal events, which extends to the adjoining house on the premises. This site can be found in Northumberland where previous residents were forced to flee because of all the strange things that happened on location.


Some of the things reported to occur on the grounds included the odd clanking of swords, and even the galloping horse hoofs. The daughter of Sir John Craster also reported hearing odd sounds while she conducted her business. She believed that she could hear the swish of the dress of a female ghost when she was in the schoolroom.


Positioned in Lamberhurst, Kent, you will find Scotney Castle, which was constructed during the 14th century. For more than 300 years, the Darell family called this castle their home. It is here where a well-known ghost of this location originated. One of the many family members associated with the castle is said to haunt this site: Arthur Darell.


For many years, locals believed that Arthur faked his own death because he had been spotted alongside his gravestone. It was also quite suspicious that when his coffin was unearthed, there was no body to be found, but instead a large pile of rocks. No one quite knew why his death had been staged, but speculation pointed to a theory that involved the murder of a revenue officer.


During his life, Arthur was thought to have led a life filled with illegal smuggling.  It was believed that a revenue officer caught wind of his activities, who rallied up a group of officials to capture Arthur. When they finally reached his whereabouts, a fight broke out, which resulted in the death of one of revenue officers. To cover up his tracks pertaining to his evil deed, Arthur threw the lifeless body into the moat that sheltered the castle.


To this day, it is a shame that such a lovely castle is threatened by the negative stigma of the revengeful murdered revenue officer. Some witnesses claim to have seen his image appear, coming straight out of the water. His appearance showcased unsightly slime. It is said that he rises from the water so that he may venture to the front of the castle, where he may bang on the door, using his hands. It is believed he does this so that he may seek revenge on his untimely death.


When you encounter the Sherborne Castle, you will find that a variety of well-known characters call this site their home. Some familiar names include Sir John Digby, as well as Sir Walter Raleigh. The castle has been known to also possess a curse about it, which was placed by one of the knights employed in William the Conqueror’s company. He deemed the castle a sacred location and if anyone attempted to take the castle from the church, bad luck would befall him or her. It must have not been a strong curse, for the Digby family has not been affected by any ill will associated with the castle.