Haunted English Castles: Hever & Portchester

Anne BoleynWhen exploring the history of a haunted castle, you may find several interesting tales to take note of. They might be based upon a romance gone wrong or shaped from a tale of jealousy. Revenge may have played an important role in the haunting of a castle or perhaps a long line of family tragedy marks the past, present and future of an establishment. This article will deal with the history and present disturbances rocking the Hever Castle, as well as the Portchester Castle, both located in England.


The Hever Castle has a history that can be traced back to the 13th century. It is located close to Edenbridge, situated in the destination of Kent. One of the most interesting features regarding this piece of property is the double moat, which showcases a rather unusual presence. The castle once belonged to Sir Geoffrey Bullen, who was the father of Anne Boleyn (former wide of Henry VIII). Throughout the gardens of the premises, it is the ghost of Anne Boleyn that is said to haunt the green scenery.


Unfortunately for Anne Boleyn (because of her early demise), this was the location where future husband, Henry VII first encountered the young lady. After the King ordered her execution, Hever Castle became the site where Boleyn’s father retired from the public eye. It was here that he stayed until his death, marked by shame and disgrace.


Anne’s ghost has been spotted many different times on the premises of Hever Castle. One of her favorite spots to dwell is about the gardens. She has also been sighted floating across the wooden bridges of the castle. Witnesses are filled with sorry at the sight of Boleyn’s ghost. It is believed that she is an unsettled soul because of the horrific end she met in death. Her ghost has never been able to get over the betrayal she experienced from Henry VIII.


This is not the only castle that Anne Boleyn’s ghost is said to frequent. One of the main residences set aside for English royalty is called Windsor Castle. It is also the largest castle throughout the world to have the most inhabitants attached to it. Boleyn is believed to have joined numerous other royal ghosts in haunting this important historic castle.


Another haunted castle throughout England is Portchester Castle, which is situated within Hampshire. Today, this castle is in ruins, positioned close to the scenic coast. It is the castle grounds that are believed haunted. On numerous occasions, a ghost was spotted on the premises of the castle. Dressed in a robe and hood, the ghost is thought to be that of a monk who continues to roam the grounds. When encountered by the ghost, those who have caught sight of the monk describe the sightings as being rather mysterious. They have characterized the experience as non-threatening.