Haunted Forts & Reserves in Saskatchewan


When visiting the destination of Saskatchewan, you will find that there are many different sites to explore when you are interested in investigating some of the haunted tales and ghost-ridden locations in the area. Some of the sections of Saskatchewan to keep in mind include Fort Ou’Appelle, as well as Fort Battleford.


In the city of Battleford, you will find a fort by the same name, which is where the unfortunate site of the largest mass hanging in the history of Canada can be found. During what was called the North West Rebellion, eight Native Americans were hung at this location, all at the same time. When venturing into this destination during the night, you may hear unexplainable noises. Some say that you can spot strange visions coming from across the river. Strange lights have also been known to make a guest appearance at this fort, accompanied by the occasional war cry.


In the Fort Ou’Appelle area, the former Fort San has now been turned into the Echo Valley Conference Center, which once served as a treatment center for people suffering from tuberculosis. Not only did patients receive treatment at this location, but they also resided within the fort. At that time, many who were treated for the disease did not make it and died as a result of various complications. Since then, it has become a popular haunted location to the locals of Saskatchewan. Investigators and paranormal researchers have come from near and far to experience the strange events that occur at the fort. Today, visitors can tour the facility for themselves. Overnight stays can also be arranged for groups of people wishing to test their bravery and spend the night on the premises. Numerous stories can be explored regarding this site.


The worst cases of tuberculosis patients were placed within the Fort San Sanitarium, which was constructed during the early 1900s. Throughout the years, the site has since been used for a variety of activities and organizations. For example, in the 70s, it served as a private art gallery. When entering the various rooms, some have reported the feeling of choking when walking throughout the premises. It is said that there is a ghost of a nurse, who can sometimes be seen still making her rounds. Some claim that sounds of restless footsteps and wheelchairs scraping along the floor can be heard.


In the area, there is also a military base, where cadets are sent to spent a summer at camp. Numerous cadets have reported the sighting of a ghost on the premises. Other odd events are known to occur on the premises, including doors that open and close on their own, as well as lock. Some have also documented the feeling of being stabbed, much like the way needles prick the skin. To back up their story, they have revealed unexplainable needle prick marks on their skin.


Additional scary spots to take note of, includes Canada PeliNarrows, which is a Native America reserve within the northern part of Canada, where a frightening cemetery can be located. Also, in Carlyle, there is the Whitebear Reserve, which is said to serve as the home of a half-man/half-deer creature that has been spotted roaming about the land. It is aptly named, the “Centaur.”