Haunted Ghost Walks in Essex and Sussex

If you are ever in the neighborhood of Essex or Sussex, you might want to check out some of the following paranormal hunting grounds when you participate in a ghost tour or walk. There are many chances to explore the ins and outs of a haunted past, as history comes to life by the light of a professional tour guide’s lamp.


In Colchester, Essex, the history of this ancient destination is presented in such a way that keeps the stories hard to separate from convincing street theatre. The Colhester Ghost Pub Walks are offered at 7:30pm every Thursday night. All you have to do is meet outside of the Town Hall located on High Street. The tours last for two hours, so you should be prepared for a long night out. Many enjoy this tour because some of the stops take you to haunted pubs where you are given time to enjoy a nice beverage.


Colhester, Essex is one of the oldest towns in Britain, making it the perfect place to hold walks and tours of the historic land. Some of the oldest pubs and ghosts known throughout Britain also reside in this town. Throughout history, the town also illustrates significant moments regarding the region. You never know what sort of tale you will meet up with when enjoying this tour, such as pagan legends, Roman stories, and Saxon lore. Colhester also served as the center of the Peasant’s Revolt; not to mention a civil war that took place in the area. There is enough blood and guts to paint the town red once you enter the depths of this historic site.


Your tour guide goes by the name of Mr. Wray, who walks about the streets revealing the sordid past of the town. When it comes to the type of details you wish to obtain, there are two separate tour options to consider. The first looks into the oddity attached to the west side of the town, while the eastside tour provides more insight into the pagan Colghester side of things. In the town, one of best hotels in the area will offer a haunted banquet that takes place after one of the tours. A delicious three-course dinner is provided for the price of
  £19.50 per person. A minimum of 12 is required to enjoy this event. Additional details are available when calling 01206-852924.


In Sussex, head for Rye and you will find haunted ghost walks that allow participants to explore the medieval gems scattered about this smallish English village, which has its fair share of local ghosts. There are also the old smugglers inn called the Mermaid, which has a famous history attached to it. Call 01797-223432 for more information to enjoy this inexpensive tour that costs £3.50 per person.


Moving onto East Sussex, the Hastings Old Town Ghost Walk takes place every Friday night (from Good Friday to the month of November). The tour departs at 8pm from the Chess Board Area, located on George St. For about 75 minutes, you will be entertainment with a host of haunted locations positioned about the tour itinerary that costs £3.50 per person.
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