Haunted Halls: Gawsworth and Crown Hotel

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In Macclesfield, Cheshire, you may happen upon Gawsworth Hall, where an alluring manor house awaits curious visitors who wish to set their eyes on this 16th century gem. Throughout the years, many ghosts have been connected to this site. In this article, you will also learn of the legends and tales associated with the Crown Hotel.

Gawsworth Hall

At one time, the mansion was home to Mary Fitton, who served as the maid of honor to Elizabeth I. It is her ghost that is said to haunt the residence, as well as the church and surrounding roads leading to the hall. Fitton is also well known in history, as rumor has it that she was the “Dark Lady” that Shakespeare spoke of when he penned his sonnets. During the 1970s, the priest’s room located in the hall often showcased the scent of incenses yet no one claimed responsibility for the smell. During the 16th century, the room was known as a hiding spot for holy men.

The Old Rectory on the premises is also believed to possess a haunted side of its own. Sometimes, the sound of breaking glass is heard and once , the image of a man with a pointed beard was spotted in a dark alcove. Situated close to the Hall, a location called Maggoty’s Wood is thought haunted as well , by the ghost of Samuel Johnson, who is known as the last professional jester of England. Some claim to have seen his ghost dancing about the woods by the site where his body is buried.

Crown Hotel

The Crown Hotel in Poole, Dorset is home to an assortment of ghosts, whose paranormal activity is often confined to the stable block of the hotel. Throughout the 1960s, witnesses have reported to hear the sound of an unknown entity tickling the ivories that seems to come out of the stable area. At that time, the stables served as a nightclub, so people were used to hearing noises. The strangeness of it was that no one was in the building when the sounds were heard.

Another time, some employees were working within the stables and one of the stable doors swung open without anyone behind the force , at least anyone that the workers could see. The door was bolted and even so, the doors kept swinging open. While many tales are connected to the hotel, one of the most frightening deals with the sound of screams of children. A handful of witnesses have reported their presence and it is believed that they come from two kids who were held against their own will in the stable block. As legend has it, the locals believe a former landlord is thought to have locked two children (who suffered deformities) in the stable block and then later took their lives.

Additional paranormal happenings at the Crown Hotel include the sounds on the upper floor that resemble the dragging of a body. Some witnesses have reported a fluorescent mist that seems to surface, forming the shape of a child’s head.