Haunted Halls: Samlesbury, Waxham & Minister Lovell

Throughout history, there have been many notable halls that pass along their own haunted tales and ghostly encounters. In this article, you will learn about the ghost of the “White Lady” at Samlesbury Hall, the spirits at Waxham Hall, and the unfortunate demise of the owner of Minister Lovell Hall.

Samlesbury Hall

During the 15th century, a house in Preston, Lancashire was constructed to fit many of the exclusive houses in the region, showcasing an inviting black and white exterior made of timber. Residents often whisper about the haunted tales associated with this hall, where the infamous ghost of the “White Lady” inhabits the premises. The apparition is thought the former Lady Dorothy Southworth.

Lady Dorothy was a resident of the hall during the 17th century and was known as belonging to a family deeply rooted in the Roman Catholic faith. Trouble surfaced when Dorothy fell in love with a man who was of the Protestant faith. This would cause a rift between the families. Conflict surfaces as the young lovers continued to meet in secret despite knowing how taboo their relationship was in the eyes of their families. Finally, the two decided to eternally commit to one another and elope.

They planned their escape and on the night they would leave, the young man traveled to the hall for his bride-to-be, but before he was able to make his way to Dorothy, her brother came out of nowhere and killed her beau with a sword. In the end, both families found out about the forbidden love and Dorothy was immediately shipped off to a convent far away where she grew mad and eventually lost her life.

Today, the ghost of Lady Dorothy has been spotted roaming about the house, as well as close to the location where her true love was buried. Some claim to have heard the sound of weeping when visiting the hall, and sometimes an unknown rustling sound takes place in the gallery and corridors.

Waxham Hall

In Norfolk, inhabitants know this mansion as an establishment that possesses no less than five ghosts, who are former knights that lost their lives in battle.

Minister Lovell Hall

The ruins of a well-known 15th century manor house are situated on the banks of the Windrush River, which is located in the village of Whitney in Oxfordshire. The story regarding Lord Lovell is that he was forced into hiding within his home when people in the region discovered that he had supported an imposter called Lambert Simnel. In fear of his life, Lovell stowed away in a secret chamber, where he called upon the help of an old servant, who he invested his trust in. Unfortunately, the servant suddenly lost his life and no one else was aware of where Lord Lovell had gone. As a result, he was trapped in the chamber, where he wasted away to nothing and then died. Today, witnesses report that the ghost of Lord Lovell groans and weeps throughout the ruins of the hall.