Haunted High Schools in California 1

In this article, you will encounter a collection of haunted high schools in the California region that touch upon spirits of former students and a ghost that is particularly fond of the closet.

At Claremont High School in Claremont, the old gym on the premises is the topic of many legends regarding the spirit of a former student who may whisper in the ears of students. One day, an entire gym class was present to hear an unexplainable screaming that was coming from underneath the bleachers. One student believes that the ghost pinned them down. On the gym floor, a name is burned into the pine, which is thought to be the name of the ghosts haunting the school.

The Pomona High School in Pomona showcases the legends of two ghosts that reside in the band room. One likes to stay in the closet, as they enjoy watching people change. Many have complained of having the feeling of being watched. The other likes to stick close to the back of the left door and is blamed for the unexplainable swings of the door. Rumor has it that the closeness of the hidden Palomares Cemetery and its remains is probably to blame for the ghosts. The school has been plagued by many disturbances over the year.

The Performing Arts Center in the Brea Olinda High School is filled with odd sounds that come in all times of the night. The noises also emerge when a performance or rehearsal is going on. It is said that a handful of ghosts call the premises their home.

The Calexico High School in Calexico is filled with noises that arise in the middle of the night. Reports of seeing odd occurrences have also been documented. The ghost of a young girl has been reported to walk about the premises at all time of night. One of the first sightings took place when a group of teachers reported seeing her at a pep rally on the football field during the 80s. When the building for the new gym was being constructed, construction workers believe they spotted a ghostly girl walking across the football field in the morning. They even called out to her, but she acted as if she didn’t hear them.

Other events attributed to the haunting of the high school include unexplainable slamming of doors and shutting of windows. Sometimes, lights flicker on and off without warning. The ghost is said to be that of a girl who was involved in auto accident that took her life. She was a cheerleader leaving a football game when the accident took place.

Other high school hauntings that take place in the California region includes:

· Bellflower High School (Bellflower): a ghost haunts the school after a supposed murder took place of one of the students

· Bloomington High School (Bloomington): unexplainable screams and the ghost of a teacher

· Bishop Montgomery High (Torrance): reports of ghostly nuns

· St. John Bosco High School (Bellflower): ghost of a former student who died of a drug overdose

· Cerritos High School (Cerritos): haunted girls locker room

· Rialto High School: (Rialto): ghost of a suicide victim