Haunted High Schools in Missouri

If passing your final exams to make the grade for college wasn’t enough stress for high school students, just think how it would feel to attend a school that was known for being haunted. In this article, we will take a look at some of the Missouri high schools that offer interesting tales of ghosts and other paranormal pleasures.


In Springfield, Central High School stands as the first secondary school built in the area during the late part of the 1800s. On the premises, it is Room 311 that is thought touched by the hand of unexplainable sounds and a door that has a mind of its own (locking when no one is even inside). The school is also home to numerous locations in the basement that are known to be haunted. The attic situated on the fourth floor is also a place where scary things are known to occur. Throughout the years, many renovations have been made to the building, which makes these interesting spots hard to find. The school also has several tunnels positioned below the ground, which is said haunted by an unknown entity.


When attending Benton High School in St. Joseph, you will find quite a surprise when paying a visit to the third floor during the nighttime. If you try to walk down the hallway, which measures 200 feet, it is said that you will have books thrown at you. Some claim if you walk down the hall, yelling and screaming, lockers will start to open and you will start to hear the voices of people speaking across an intercom, which seems to be coming from the main office. The school is said to possess all of these weird occurrences because it was constructed on top of an old Native American burial site. Additional tales connected to the high school includes the ghost of a secretary that passed away and has been spotted walking into the office. Even as a ghost, she still wears the same perfume as she did in life.

In St. Louis, the Roosevelt High School is filled with rumors of being built on top of an old cemetery. Some believe that the headstones were removed and the bodies remained under the ground. To date, bones once surfaced to the top of the football field, and one of the graves collapsed on the front lawn, which had to be immediately filled in. Can you imagine going to school one day and seeing those sights?


The Central High School in St. Joseph is known to carry the tale of a pair of ghosts, who wander about the premises. It is said that one of the two especially likes to spend their time in the auditorium. The other is quite the prankster and likes to play jokes on the students. Mostly, it is the bathroom where the ghost chooses its victims. Over the years, a group of girls, other students, and even staff members have experienced multiple floodings in the bathroom. The 2nd and 3rd floors seem to get the worst of the ghost”s jokes. The ghost who likes the auditorium has received a warm welcome from the students and Theater Arts teacher who holds classes in the space. They even gave the ghost a friendly nickname.