Haunted High Schools Throughout Houston

The bell has rung and school is in session throughout the city of Houston, but what are on the minds of some when they enter their school? Not reading, writing and arithmetic, but perhaps of some of the legends, tales and ghosts that are associated with their place of learning”¦


Legend has it that the Cypress Springs High School has a construction worker buried within the foundation of the school. While working to build the school during 1998, he passed away and his body was never found. Schoolchildren believe it is his ghost who makes noises within the bathrooms. When walking on the third floor of Austin High School, many students who are the only ones in the hallway feel that they are being followed by an unknown presence. Throughout the years, numerous students claimed to have seen the ghost of a small girl racing down the hallways.


Located where the Episcopal High School now stands was The Convent, which was one of the oldest buildings in the area. It consisted of four stories, but the fourth floor was not open to the students because a nun, who was living in the convent, committed suicide on that floor. She had hung herself. A service was not performed for her by the Catholic Church, but since her passing, no classes have been held on the fourth floor. It is said that she is still roaming about. Today, staff employees at the school are quite hesitant to stay after 10pm for fear that they may encounter the nun’s ghost. 


In the middle of the woods, you will find the newer Klein Collins High School. The building was constructed on top of a burial ground. There are many strange occurrences and entities that the students have reported throughout the years. Many have claimed to hear the voices of young children when none are in sight. Others have reported that they have seen the ghosts of two five-year-olds, who can be seen holding hands as they run down the hallways of the school.


There are many reports regarding paranormal activity throughout the Milby High School. For starters, when one is walking down the hall located on the second floor, they may encounter the ghost of a janitor that once worked at the high school. Numerous students have reported hearing the sound of footsteps down the hall when no one is around them. They have also heard the sound of slamming doors by unexplainable means. When visiting the library, there have been reports involving the ghostly image of a school librarian.


At the Northshore High School, there have been many reports of a girl dressed in high school gym attire, walking down the hallway towards the girls’ locker room. After awhile, the female vanishes without a trace. Staff members who have decided to work late usually encounter her. Throughout the C.E. King High School, there is said to be the ghost of a woman who has been spotted in the halls of the school. Legend has it that she is in search of her love, who is also believed to be her murderer.