Haunted Homes: Whitlock Seabrook-Wilson Homestead & Hemingway Home

Hauntings may strike any type of residential scene, including homesteads and personal sanctuaries. Throughout the world, there are many different stories surrounding these places (some more interesting than others). In this article, we will take a look at strange happenings regarding the Whitlock Seabrook-Wilson Homestead & Hemingway Home and Museum.


Located in Port Monmouth, New Jersey, you will come across the Whitlock Seabrook Wilson homestead, which has a curious history attached to it. To many, this location serves as the home of what is known as the Spy House. Previously, there was cause to believe that this was the home that was used to spy on the British Navy, but later proof suggests that this was not the case.


The beginnings of this homestead can be traced back to 1648, where a small one-room cabin stood in its place. Later years saw the remodeling of the building, where additional rooms were included. If you ever have the chance to pay a visit to the homestead, you will encounter the Spy House Museum, which is filled with an array of exhibits that showcase a range of historical facts regarding the Bay Shore area. Visitors of this location have reported a slew of strange happenings, including ghostly visions, when touring the grounds.


The second floor is said to showcase the vision of a female ghost dressed in white. She is seen descending from the staircase that leads to the attic. She is known to take walks about the premises, including the rooms called “White” and “Blue.” Some believe they have seen her leaning over something, like a crib, appearing to rearrange something that many feel is a ghostly quilt. As she turns around, she will slowly disappear from view.

One of the most interesting tales regarding the homestead occurred in 1975 when a few were taking a tour of one of the rooms. Inside, a sewing machine was in view. Without the help of anyone, it opened and started to sew without anyone placing his or her foot on the foot treadle. The first floor is said to be the haunting grounds of a male ghost, who is often seen wearing a top hat and sporting a full beard. To enjoy a visit to the museum, you should check out the thrills and chills located at 119 Port Monmouth Road.

 When it comes to the Hemingway Home and Museum, you will come across the residence where the great author, Ernest Hemingway spent his life from 1931 until his passing in 1961. Many visitors flock to this attraction in Key West because of the many descendants residing in this very location. While living, Hemingway took care of 16 cats, which kept him company.


A visit to the museum allows one to view his home as it was while he was alive. It seems that the spirit of Hemingway is still calling this location his household. On more than one occasion, people claim to have seen his ghost, as well as even heard the clicking of the typewriter that is situated within the main house.