Haunted Hot Spots in Columbus, Nebraska

Travel to Platte County in Nebraska and you will find yourself situated 90 miles west of Omaha, where the oldest tavern in the west is located. In the city, Glur’s Tavern has a history that includes visits by Buffalo Bill Cody, who is known for frequenting the joint. Other places with a story to tell in Nebraska are included below, such as a local Catholic high school and a graveyard with a glowing secret.

If you travel further north into Columbus, you may be lucky enough to find the “Glowing Graveyard,” which is believed to ‘come alive’ when a full moon appears in the sky. It is said that the headstones actually “glow.” A theory to this phenomenon is that the limestone found in the rock is catching a reflection of the moon. However, situated by the graveyard is a bridge where an eerie myth unfolds. A bus carrying a load of children rolled off of the bridge , killing everyone inside. It is said that if you cover your vehicle in powder and drive across the bridge in neutral , the handprints of kids are found soon after. Some say of you turn your car off once you reach the mid-point of the bridge , it will not start again. 

At the Scotus Central Catholic High School, the history of the school (which spans more than 100 years) contributes to the legends of spirits said to haunt the premises. Roaming the halls of the school in particular is the ghost of a small boy, a previously attending student, and a nun. Also, underneath the school , you will find hidden tunnels that have been a paradise for ghost hunters throughout the 1980s. As some led investigations, they claim to have uncovered a handful of presences. The school also has a history of teachers leaving their jobs because they grew fearful of certain disruptions that have taken place on the school grounds. 

Head for the location known as Old Shockey (or the Penfield House) and upstairs a legend is found. A door often opens and shuts on its own. Lights on the premises will become dim and sometimes flicker on and off. Odd sounds have been reported, which are often said to belong to the now deceased Keith Penfield, who one morning just suddenly died without a known cause. If you ever have the chance to visit the basement, weird noises take place and people have complained to feel as if someone was watching them as they slept. If you dare to walk about the house when it is dark or in the middle of the night , odd shadows emerge to give you quite a scare. The basement also gives off unusual sounds, and you feel like someone’s watching you while you sleep, also if you walk around the house when it’s dark, you’ll see mysterious shadows around the house.

Seek out the Walmart and in the women’s bathroom (located by layaway) , a haunting is known to exist. Some people have encountered water faucets that turn on by themselves when no one else is around.