Haunted Hot Spots in Maryland 2

The next time you’re in Maryland, why not take the time to do a little investigating in the vicinity? There are plenty of places in the state that will offer you a bit of ghost-hunting adventure and fun tales to explore, such as Jimmy O’Keefe’s Restaurant in Malden and the Avonlea Bed and Breakfast in Westminster.

Jimmy O’Keefe’s Restaurant , Malden

Head for this restaurant and you may encounter the ghost of a former patron that used to frequent this Irish pub. He lost his life when he slipped down the stars leading to the basement. It is said that his igure can be seen taking his regular seat in his favorite stool. Ironically, the ghost is believed to resemble John Candy and bears the name “Uncle Buck.”

Rose Hill Cemetery , Hagerstown

Driving to the very back of the cemetery will take you to the front of the crematorium. Some say that if you turn off your car engine, you can catch the sound of someone screaming and detect the scent of burning hair.

Avonlea Bed and Breakfast , Westminster

This establishment dates back to the Civil War times , owned by a man with a reputation for being quite mean and torturous. This site has been known to have its fair share of ghosts. It is believed that they are the lost souls of slaves that met their end by the hands of this man, who murdered people in his basement.

Point Lookout State Park , Scotland

Late at night, a drive in the park could cause a strange presence to follow you about. It is said that once you pass by Ft. Lincoln , a strong sense of something ‘not quite right’ arises. Some claim to have spotted the ghost of a young man who is dressed in Confederate Grays that may appear in the back seat. His presence is known to linger until you pass by the Confederate Cemetery and then he disappears without a trace.

Marwood Mansion , Potomac

A lot of odd incidents and occurrences have been reported with this site. The window in the bathroom has risen up on its own. The toilet has flushed on its own and steam has been known to come out of the bathtub. Out of the basement, weird sounds come out. This isn’t the only thing regarding the basement. If you place something in the basement , by morning , it is destroyed and has been ransacked. The marble found in the house always cracks, but they seem to disappear by the next day. The house actually has a bit of history to it, as it once belonged to the late relatives of the Gore family.

The Old Depot , Frostburg

Here , you will encounter an old train station that has a tunnel that leads underneath the ground to Main Street. Some have reported to hear the sounds of a train whistling in the vicinity.

Mount Saint Mary’s College , Emittsburg

The ghost of a man by the name of Father John DuBois has been detected walking about the campus. There are other ghosts that have been sighted on the grounds , named Brute and DuBois. When tracing the history of the school, you will find that the ghosts could date back to the oldest independent Catholic college located in the country in 1808.