Haunted Hot Spots in Maryland

When looking for a few haunted places to visit during a trip to Maryland, consider the following, which includes a high school with the spirit of a restless janitor and a mansion that comes to life on Halloween. Another haunted location to consider is the tavern where John Wilkes Booth carved out a strategy to take the life of a U.S. President.

Hood College , Frederick

The past life of this college was an old saloon that thrived during the Civil War times. Today, there is a hall that late at night produces odd sounds, such as the bellowing. In 1970, a woman was also murdered on the grounds , her throat slit. She tried to make it to help, crawling to the top of the stairs and before she could knock on her dorm door – she died. Ever since, weird knockings have been heard all through the hall. The elevators have also been known to rise up and travel down at the oddest times of the night.

Gaithersburg High School , Gaithersburg

The history of this school dates back to the early 1900’s. One night, the boiler started to make noises and the janitor went to check out the disturbance. An explosion erupted and the janitor died. At various times of the day (but mainly throughout the night), it is said that the sound of his jingling keys still fill the halls.

Another tale regarding the high school deals with the “C Hall.” The school is also home to a lower C-Hall, which is located in an areas not many know about. A chemical spill took place in 1976 , taking the lives of nine students and one teacher. It is said that the hall has been blocked off, but at night , the screams of those who lost their lives can still be heard.

Cherryfield Road , Drayden

The residents of Drayden have a lot to tell visitors who come to explore their terrain. One of the ghost stories includes the sighting of an imposing black dog that frequents the road , dragging a big chain behind it.

Port Tobacco Creek , Port Tobacco

It is believed that a dog that calls the creek its’ stomping grounds. This ghost has been sighted in this region since the 1920’s.

Pt. Lookout State Park – St. Mary’s County

In the past, this site served as a camp for Confederate prisoners. It is said that nearly 4,000 men lost their livers here. This is probably why there seems to be a lot of sightings of dead soldiers in the vicinity.

Surratt Tavern , Clinton

For a little bit of history, come see the tavern where John Wilkes Booth made his plans to assassinate President Abe Lincoln. Reports of unexplainable footsteps and the sounds of rattling glasses have been made. Noisy conversations have also been known to fill the air.

Perry Hall Mansion , Baltimore

How spooky is it that the previous owners of this mansion died on the premises on Halloween during the 1700’s? Ever since their deaths, October 31st has served as a time where people encounter the oddest things. It is here that lights turn on despite no electricity and odd voices are heard.