Haunted Hot Spots in Oregon

When visiting Oregon, don’t forget to add a couple of these haunted hot spots to your itinerary. Here, you will encounter a building that has ghostly waitresses and sounds to explore, as well as an abandoned theater that may have a restless soul for you to locate.

Lithia Park , Ashland

There is a tale involving this location that includes the rape and murder of a young girl who is believed to haunt the premises since the late 1800’s. Witnesses claim that when they pass the duck pond, a glowing blue mist that traveled directly over the middle of the pond greeted them. After watching this sight for close to 30 seconds, it started to flicker and then suddenly disappeared from view.

White Eagle Tavern , Portland

Head for this establishment and seek out the stairway located in the kitchen section (close to the office). This is where people claim the haunting takes place, as it is said that the manager at the time had an incident at this location that involved cleaning equipment.

O’Kane Building , Bend
A lot of people have reported to view ghostly smoke coming from this building, along with odd lights, unexplainable footsteps, and weird voices. If you visit the ground floor, you will find a restaurant where a ghostly voice has been reported by people who believe it is coming from a waitress that once worked at the establishment. It is said that she is heard calling out names and repeating orders. The ghost of an old man has been detected in the basement of the building and is said to haunt the grounds.

Old Gem Theater , Athena

If you’re ever in Athena , seek out the Old Gem Theater where the second story once served as a residence and the first floor is home to the abandoned theater. There are reports that odd footsteps have been heard trailing in the hallways, as well as doorknobs that turn when no one else is on the premises. Some claim to have seen a figure of white roaming around the seats in the theater.

Willamette River , Portland

Along the river, some reports have come in that a phantom rowboat has appeared floating above the water. No one appears in the boat and there has been a claim that the Coast Guard has even attempted to retrieve the boat and was met with its disappearance instead.

The Old Hospital , Klamath Falls

There is a legend attached to this establishment, as it is believed that this site was once the first hospital in all of Oregon. At the time, people were able to rent rooms on the premises before it was transformed into an historical landmark. Reports of apparitions have been documented for this site , many of which were sighted by children.