Haunted Hotels and Inns in California 2

You’d think with a name like ‘Pleasanton,’ the hotel found in the city sharing the same name wouldn’t offer a stay filled with odd occurrences and possible resident ghosts. In this article, you will learn of haunted hotels and inns in the California Region, such as the Anaheim Fairfield Inn and the Rose Victorian Inn located in Arroyo Grande.

Rose Victorian Inn , Arroyo Grande

The Rose Victorian Inn possesses an old children’s nursery, where the ghost of a young girl called ‘Alice’ is believed to haunt. Losing her life to pneumonia, other stories say she died due to an allergy to bees because when the wall of one of the bedrooms was torn down, a beehive was revealed. For quite some time, eyewitness accounts report the sight of birds swirling into the chimney. Since Alice loved cats, many believe that she has something to do with the felines that like to hang around the windowsill of the nursery.

Anaheim Fairfield Inn By Marriott , Anaheim

Situated right next to the freeway, the Anaheim Fairfield Inn is believed the haunting grounds of a couple that lost their lives in a car accident that took place on the freeway.

Pleasanton Hotel , Pleasanton

The majority of spookiness that takes place at this hotel does so in the bar area of the onsite restaurant. Sometimes, the light fixtures dim on their own. Cold spots have been detected on the north edge of the dance floor. Other odd occurrences involve the mysterious knocking on bathroom stalls that take place in the ladies room and the image of a man wearing a hat that sometimes appears in the mirror. The hotel itself has a colorful history, including the presence of tunnels running under the ground that once linked the hotel to the local police department. At one time, the hotel also served as a rather popular brothel.

The Former Sycamore Inn , Rancho Cucamonga

Today, the former Sycamore Inn (now a steak house) may have left behind an apparition from its past, who appears dressed in cowboy style clothing. Located along the old Route 66, the old inn has a history that traces back to 1848. However, the original inn burned to the ground until it was reconstructed across the street.

Queen Anne Hotel , San Francisco

Make your way to the corner of Sutter And Octavia, where you will come face to face with the Queen Anne Hotel. Highlighting the beauty of Victorian style architecture with a history dating back to the 1890’s, you’ll get much more than just a beautiful sightseeing trip. With freedom to roam about all of the rooms and floors, many people come to the hotel to investigate its past and come in contact with paranormal activity. Some people even choose to spend a night in what is known as ‘ Miss Mary Lakes Room.’

Story goes, before the hotel became a place of lodging, it served as a school for girls to give females access to education, which was scarce in the past. The teacher’s name was Miss Mary Lake and she was completely absorbed with her work with the girls. When the school was shut down, her heart was broken. Years past and she eventually passed away, but her spirit stayed behind. It is believed that room 410 is where her ghost prefers to dwell.