Haunted Hotels and Inns in California 3

Gambling seems like a dangerous pastime for some of the ghosts that haunt the California hotels and inns mentioned in this article. In this article, you will also learn the most interesting rooms to book if you’re interested in paranormal activity at the Red Lion Hotel in Modesto.

Hotel Leger , Mokelumne Hill

In 1880, the Hotel Leger was owned by a man named George Leger, who lost his death after an argument centered on gambling. It is believed that his ghost still lingers on the premises , the unexplainable scent of fresh cigar smoke being his calling card , which fills the upstairs room he once occupied. If you’re interested in enjoying a tour, the owners are quite willing to lead the way.  

Red Lion Hotel , Modesto

Formerly known as a Holiday Inn, the Red Lion Hotel in Modesto has a reputation for odd happenings taking place, such as the sounds of people talking in the kitchen when no one is in the room. One employee (who has been employed at the hotel for nearly 30 years) claims that a woman was murdered in the kitchen by an angry boyfriend. Other rumors involve tales of more than one person taking their own life in the kitchen. Plenty of strange events are known to occur at the hotel. Security reviewing the parking lot has encountered the sound of breaking glass in their vicinity only to find that there was nothing possible to cause the ruckus.

If you’re interested in doing a little paranormal hunting at the Red Lion Hotel, it is said that the most haunted accommodations are found in rooms 420, 206, and 152 , according to reports from past guests and employers. Many reports involve Room 152, which is notorious for having electrical issues where objects turn on and off on their own. Although checked for shorts and other electrical problems, nothing has been found. Other strangeness associated with the Red Lion Hotel includes the sounds of crashing plates and trays in the haunted kitchen.

Glenn Tavern Inn , Santa Paula

The ghost that haunts the Glenn Tavern Inn in Santa Paula is believed to belong to a young boy who died on the premises while he was playing on the second floor and in the lobby, where the piano is said to play on its own. He is not the only child ghost believed to haunt the inn. The second floor has reported of a ghostly child who runs about the halls after 1am. He is said to have died on that same floor. Other ghosts associated with the hotel include the apparition that looks out of the window of Room 23 and the ghost that likes to knock objects over in Room 103. Legend has it that a man was killed in Room 103 over an illegal gambling dispute and is thought to be looking for the money he is entitled to. Other haunted rooms at the hotel include 305 and 23.