Haunted Hotels and Inns in California 4

If you pay a visit to the Sutter Creek Inn (in Sutter Creek), you may encounter the ghosts of a former California senator and his wife. Reports claim that the Senator’s ghost can be heard pacing upstairs in the main house, while his wife prefers to haunt the hallway. In this article, other haunted locations in California include the Santa Maria Inn, Springville Inn, and the Victorian Rose Bed & Breakfast.

Santa Maria Inn , Santa Maria

There is a section of the hotel considered ‘historic,’ where the scent of a woman’s perfume continuously emerges in a room during the night. One time, a guest reported being mysteriously locked out of their room, which also has a reputation of having objects unexplainably moved about the room. Some people have also experienced the elevator reaching a certain floor and then stopping for 15 minutes before it starts up again. This occurrence is known to happen at the same time of the day.

Springville Inn , Springville

The origin of the young female ghost that haunts the Springville Inn is unknown, but she isn’t the only spirit to call the premises her haunting grounds. It is said that the ghost of a young logger who lost his life when he flirted with the wrong married woman dwells at the inn. Shot and killed in the street located in front of the inn by an enraged husband, he was carried into the inn before he succumbed to his bullet wound. Other ghosts believed to haunt the inn include an old man and a child with extremely cold hands that haunts the ladies restroom. People have reported to feel watched when they use the bathroom situated in the restaurant bar area. An employee claims to have received a phone call from the manager’s office when the manager was not present to make the call. To date, no ghosts have been captured on film.

Quality Inn Suites , Sunnyvale

One of the rooms at the Quality Inn Suites in Sunnyvale has received reports of a ghostly man. It is said that he died of a heart attack in that very room and has been blamed for strange noises that come from the room when no one is occupying the space. Guests have reported to sight apparitions throughout the hotel as well.

Victorian Rose Bed & Breakfast , Ventura

The past life of the Victorian Rose Bed & Breakfast in Ventura was a church. Where you now find the Emperor’s bedroom, once served as a choir loft. This room is believed to be the most haunted on the premises, as a woman in the choir fell from the loft and died. Some guests have claimed to hear unexplainable singing in this room. Another room in the B&B to explore for paranormal activity is the Fleur-De-Lis room, where guests believe they’ve received foot massages in the middle of the night by spirits.