Haunted Hotels and Inns in California

The past couple of weeks have featured articles about ghost-hunting in the state of California, and what better place to settle into during a paranormal exploration of a region than to choose lodging with a history of odd happenings or resident ghosts. In this article, you will encounter hotels and inns in California with a reputation for sending shivers up and down the backs of guests.

Bella Maggiore Hotel , Ventura

It is believed that the ghost of a prostitute who committed suicide in room 17 still haunts the hotel. Some people have reported hearing a soft voice singing, smelling the scent of roses inside the room (and in the adjacent hall), and seeing a mist form close to the window.

Ahwahnee Hotel , Yosemite

Keep your eye out for the mezzanine level and the 3rd floor of the Ahwahnee Hotel, which is thought to have more than one ghost from the World War II era haunting the premises.

Ojai Valley Inn , Ojai

If you ever get the chance to book a stay at the Ojai Valley Inn, request room 5 if you dare. It is said that an unexplainable banging is heard in the closet and an unpleasant smell greets guests.

Olive Hotel , Orange County

The Olive Hotel is a place filled with many different ghost tales and paranormal activity. One of the more infamous legends regarding the hotel center on a ghost that supposedly makes an appearance in the closet of a certain room at the hotel. People who have stayed in this room have reported to open the door to the closet and encounter the body of a man that is hanging by his neck. It is believed the ghost is that of a man that took his own life more than 50 years ago.

Green Street Hotel , Pasadena

Sighted about the upper level of the hotel, the ghost of a woman dressed in a white nightgown is said to haunt the premises.

Cary House Hotel , Placerville

If you’re looking for the most paranormal activity found in Placerville (a city with a handful of interesting buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places) , look no further than the Cary House Hotel, where many guests check in hoping to encounter supernatural phenomenon. For the biggest thrills, it’s suggested to check out room 212.

Armagosa Hotel , Death Valley Junction

The Armagosa Hotel also doubles as an opera house that has a history of providing residence for a handful of ghosts who once lived in the vicinity during the days that borax mining took place in the region. Hotel workers have images of orbs to prove some of the odd happenings associated with the hotel. The hauntings believed to take place on the premises has been featured in a handful of documentaries.