Haunted Hotels and Inns in New York City

If you find yourself in the Staten Island or Manhattan region, you’ll find an assortment of haunted hotels and former places of lodging to explore. This article continues to explore haunted hotels in the NYC region , from the New York University campus to the site where an unhappy marriage turned worse.

Staten Island

Travel to Arthur Kill Rd on Staten Island to reach the Old Bermuda Inn, the stomping grounds for the specter of a young woman, who appears on the stairs and sometimes, walks throughout the dining areas. One former employee recalls coming in contacting with the ghost and believes it is the spirit of a woman who once called the property her home. When she was married, her husband built the farmhouse, but all was not happy for this little couple. The husband was called in to fight in the Civil War. When the husband finally returned, he found his wife had brought another man into his bed. Enraged, he murdered both and buried the body of his wife on the property.

Over the years, the building had gone through major renovation, but the basement remained intact for the most part, as it was comprised of a ‘dug out stone lined pit.’ This is where many spirits are believed to reside , of soldiers or slaves who once used the tunnels as a hiding spot. Workers have experienced odd happenings on the property, such as being violently thrown into a wall. As for the new building, you can see a wedding photo of the spirit who is believed to haunt the premises.


The Hotel Des Artistes in Manhattan is believed to house a ghost who seems to like touching people.

Midtown Manhattan

If you are a paranormal enthusiast and a lover of books, perhaps the Algonquin Hotel on 59 W 44th St (in Midtown Manhattan) will pique your interest. This site served as a gathering spot for The Round Table (or the Vicious Circle) , a collection of writers and entertainers that would eat lunch together. Some of the past guests have included Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, Franklin Pierce, Harpo Marx, George S. Kaufman, Heywood Broun, and Edna Ferber. Ghost sightings have been reported at this hotel. Could it possibly be one of the above writers?

New York University Campus

Head on over to 55 East 10th Street and you will find the former Brittany Hotel, which now serves as a dorm for New York University (NYU). Reports of unexplained music, lights and footsteps have surfaced regarding the premises. There have also been claims from people who believe that others are watching their every move.


The Chelsea Hotel offers affordable accommodations in the Manhattan area, but word has it that the hallways are haunted and it’s not uncommon to feel as if someone is watching your every move or that presences are following you. It is believed that the aura of the hotel comes from the pain and sadness of a long history of housing drug addicts, prostitutes, and criminals who have been murdered or hurt in the past.