Haunted Hotels in Florida II

Hotels from the present and past in Florida have provided locals and tourists with entertaining tales of ghosts and haunted hallways. Some are famous and known all over the world for their paranormal activity, while others are no longer standing but continue to stick in the minds of locals. In this article, you will encounter haunted hotels in Florida destinations, such as Cassadaga, Miami, and New Port Richey.  

Cassadaga Hotel in Cassadaga

Constructed in the late 1920s, the Cassadaga Hotel located in the city of the same name is still considered an active site for paranormal activity. Some have taken to calling the destination the “Psychic Capital of the World” since it attracts many people who come to listen to mediums and attend related seminars. The location is believed to be a hotbed of paranormal activity with many ghosts haunting the hotel. Many visitors taking pictures have found orbs and spirits in the backgrounds of their images. Although no actual deaths or tragic events have been recorded to take place at the hotel, many of the ghosts are thought to have come from other places. Paranormal enthusiasts really get a kick out of this hotel because of the ghostly energy associated with the establishment.

Miami River Inn in Miami

After taking a dip in the South Beach waters, you will find the Miami River Inn located on the edge of the Miami River ”“ situated in the oldest part of the town. While visiting the city, many well-known personalities (including Presidents of the United States) have stayed at the establishment, which is known for its odd happenings. The hotel dates back to around the early 1900s and has undergone several rounds of restoration over the course of its existence. The concierge and security guards have reportedly detected odd noises at times. Many guests who have checked in have complained about strange noises that led them to request a different room the next morning. Some say that the same noises repeat, as if a moment is reenacted at 11 p.m. every night. The front room is known to open and shut quite loudly with the sounds of shaking doorknobs arising.

The Hacienda Hotel in New Port Richey

Located right off of Main Street, the Hacienda Hotel in New Port Richey was once an elaborate hotel in its heyday during the middle of the 1920s. Today, it is now closed, but the last time it was opened, it had been turned into a treatment center for patients suffering from severe psychological problems. Many reports have come in regarding the appearance of odd things at night. The elevators were known to open on their own, and unexplainable footsteps have been heard.