Haunted Hotels Throughout Alberta

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When visiting the area of Alberta, you will find that you should pick your accommodation choices wisely or you may end up with things that go “bump in the night” surrounding you. This article deals with some of the haunted hotels, lodges, and other places you can stay at when visiting cities throughout Alberta, such as the Banff Springs Hotel.


The location of Banff offers a stay at the Banff Springs Hotel, where various rumors can be found regarding the premises. One of the tales regarding this hotel concerns a bride who was coming down the main staircase on the day of the wedding. Alluring candles lined the staircase as she descended, but the train of her dress snagged one of the candles and her dress instantly caught on fire. She began to panic, causing her to fall down the stairs. Her neck was broken in the process. It is said that her ghost can be spotted roaming the halls of the hotel, still wearing her wedding attire. To this day, no other weddings have been held at this site.


Another tale surrounding the hotel deals with the missing room of 873. The walls have been created to hide the former room, but the area where the door used to be can still be viewed. The room is not supposed to be spoken of by employees, but the history centers on the murder of a family in that particular room, which produced numerous ghost sightings thereafter. The fingerprints of a small child kept appearing on the room mirror, no matter how many times it was cleaned. This is why the room is now blocked off to the public.

The La’Boheme Bed and Breakfast can be found in Edmonton, which is located within the northeastern part of the city, dating back to the early 1900s. It was formally an apartment building for higher end clientele. A female employee was murdered and dragged down three flights of stairs, where the killer took her body to the basement area. He dismembered her body and then tossed the pieces into the furnace. It is said that the sound of her head hitting the stairs can be heard throughout the night. The MacDonald Hotel is also in Edmonton, where the sound of a horse and carriage can be heard throughout the halls of the upper floor. Nothing is ever seen, but the noises have been reported.

In Grande Prairie, the Alden Arms Apartment complex is the site where a woman lost her life when her abusive husband stabbed her with a butcher knife, while they were in the kitchen. Some say they have seen her walking throughout the living room and kitchen area, wearing white clothing. The ghost is friendly to females, but not so kind to men.


The Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who fell down the stairs and broke his neck. Odd noises can also be detected when in the area. The Heritage Inn in Taber is believed  haunted by the ghost of a man who died on the premises. He has been known to move objects about a room, as well as make a guest appearance at the bar. Room 203 seems to be the place where he likes to pay visits.