Haunted Hotels Throughout San Antonio

The next time you are visiting the San Antonio area and you are in need of a place to stay, you may want to think twice before checking into some of the establishments mentioned in this article. That is, of course, if you scare easily.


The Camberly Gunter Hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a prostitute who was killed by one of her customers during the 60s. When walking into the room that she was murdered in, the entire area was covered in blood, but her body was nowhere to be found. If you enter the Lobby Bar, you will encounter a picture of her. Her murderer is believed to have stayed at the Menger Hotel, which is located about three blocks away from the Camberly Gunter Hotel. Later on, he also disappeared without a body to find.


Speaking of the Menger Hotel, there are numerous ghosts said to call this location their home. The total number of ghosts that are believed to haunt this hotel is close to 40. Some of the residents that you may encounter include President Theodore Roosevelt and a Captain Richard King. A chambermaid by the name of Sallie White, who was killed on the premises, can be found about the hotel. A Lady in Blue has been sighted numerous times.


When staying at the Emily Morgan Hotel, depending on how strong your nerves are, you may or may not want a room located on the ninth floor. High paranormal activity has been reported to occur here. The hotel is also the site where wounded Alamo soldiers were kept. One family recalled a stay on the ninth floor. Throughout the night, they reported the sound of doors slamming and closing. The sound of a toilet seat slamming up and down for about ten times was heard in the room next to them. During their stay, a coffee pot and a bottle of wine fell off of the counter during separate occasions. After complaining of such occurrences, they were told that they were the only ones that occupied a room on the ninth floor during their stay.


The St. Anthony Hotel is said to be filled with various ghosts. Some of the encounters one may face includes the ghost of an employee named Anita, an elderly lady who appear in a women’s bathroom, a melancholy female ghost, who wanders about the roof ballroom, as well as ghostly pair, who seem to celebrate their honeymoon within one of the rooms. Other strange things at this site includes the sighting of odd shadows, doors that close and open at will, as well as numerous apparition sighting of two ladies. 


Additional haunted places to stay while visiting San Antonio includes:


The Plaza Marriott, which has been haunted by “The Lady” throughout the years. She can be sighted wearing a white dress, holding a cat in her hands. She is often seen stroking the feline’s head.


The Hot Wells Motel was built upon the site of a hotel that burned to the ground. It is said that the horrible smell of the dead can be encountered throughout the rooms. 


At the Terrel Castle Bed and Breakfast, some claim to have witnessed the ghost of the original owner, as well as several children. The children appear on the stairs, while the lady can be felt within the library.