Haunted House Movie Trivia and Facts: “House on Haunted Hill” 3

In this article, you will encounter an assortment of trivia and facts associated with the 1999 version of “House on Haunted Hill” that starred Famke Jansson and Bridgette Wilson.

“House on Haunted Hill” (1999) Trivia and Facts

Taglines associated with this film include “Six strangers have the chance to make $1,000,000 EACH. All they have to do is make it through the night alive,” “Evil Loves To Party,” “If you’re in, you may not want to get out,” “It’s going to be a long night,” and “Are You Dying To Be Rich?”

The directors of both the 1959 and 1999 movies were named William.

The only character to appear in both the original version and the remake was the owner of the house, Watson Prichet. All of the other roles were loosely based on the original characters of the 1959 version.

The last name of Geoffrey Rush’s character is no mistake. ‘Price’ is a reference to the original millionaire in the 1959 version , played by Vincent Price.

The first person killed in the movie was Dick Beebe , screenplay writer.

Instead of Bridgette Wilson (the wife of tennis player Pete Sampras) taking on the role of Melissa Margaret Marr, model Cindy Crawford was first considered for the part.

The inscriptions seen on the doors and walls of the hospital are in German, but when translated , they make no sense. The use of this language was an attempt to heighten the gothic style of the movie.

In the scene that involves Famke Janssen and the broken glass ceiling, she performed her own stunt. At the time, it was vital that she stayed very still. Despite not moving, the impact of the stunt was so great that her head bounced off the table , something you can see if you closely scrutinize the scene.

The idea for using a former insane asylum for the set of the movie came to William Malone from when he was filming an episode of “Tales from the Crypt” in a former asylum. The scene of fearful crew members racing to get out of the basement (not wanting to film there) stuck with him.

The co-producer of the film is the daughter of William Castle , the man who directed the 1959 version.

At the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, Taye Diggs won the award for Favorite Supporting Actor in a Horror Film. Famke Janssen was also nominated for Favorite Supporting Actress in a Horror as well.

At the Golden Trailer Awards, the film was nominated for the Golden Trailer because of “The Dark and Stormy Night.”

Lisa Loeb, singer of the hit, “Stay” plays a Channel 3 news reporter in the film.

The movie was filmed in Los Angeles, California and Orlando, Florida. Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles served as the entrance to the House on Haunted Hill. At the Universal Orlando Resort, the Islands of Adventure also set the stage for some of the scenes in the movie.

At one point, Elizabeth Hurley was considered to play the role of Evelyn Stockard-Price.