Haunted Houses in Alabama

From musical instruments with a mind of their own to an unsettling historical past, there are many houses in Alabama where former and current residents have witnessed unexplainable events or encountered what they believe was extreme paranormal activity.

Sweetwater Plantation , Florence

An old piano situated in the parlor that once entertained guests who visited a former governor that lived in the house during the late 1800’s is known to mysteriously play on occasion. One caretaker has a memory of seeing a light being turned on at night on the second floor. The faucets also had an uncanny way of being turned on at night when she was trying to sleep.

Old Powell House , Geraldine

The ghosts of adults and children are believed to haunt the home, where the parents used to lock their children upstairs in the attic during the day. It is said that the voices of children screaming for help can be heard.

The Whatley House , Moundville

Constructed on old slave quarters, the Whatley House is believed to cover a cemetery located below the grounds. Residents have complained of hearing odd noises and the sounds of objects being moved around.

Horton House , Pine Ridge

Located on the outskirts of Fort Payne, you will find a small town called Pine Ridge and it is here that a house stands , holding a murderous past. After going insane, the father of the residence mutilated his wife and their three children before taking his own life. People who have come in contact with the house believed that the entire family still haunts the premises.

Those who have tried to communicate with the dead by conducting séances in the house have experienced bad encounters. Many reports state that people have felt the sensation of being choked when they enter the house. Other unexplainable happenings include the sound of knocking on the walls and floors, bird noises that emerge through the bay window, and the sound of loud screams of a young girl.

Forks of Cypress Plantation , Lauderdale

It is here where you will find the talked-about Ghost Bridge, but what doesn’t get much attention is the presence of the ruins of the mansion that burned down in the vicinity. Still standing, visitors can visit the columns of the old ruins. That is, if you have the nerve to. Hauntings have been known to take place due to an onsite slave cemetery and the family cemetery. Many witnesses believe they have caught sight of a ghost of a tall, stately woman that appears in the family cemetery. Behind a wall measuring 10-foot tall, the cemetery lies. It is said that if you kiss the symbol located on the top of the tallest burial marker, the ghostly lady will appear. If you venture into the slave cemetery, the sounds of low African spiritual singing or mourning has been detected to emerge around midnight.

New Castle House , Gardendale

Travel to New Castle Road in Gardendale/Morris to set your eyes on an old house that is thought to accommodate a handful of spirits. One in particular stands out from the rest , a ghost called Melissa, who is believed to have called the land her home before the house that currently stands there was built. She has been seen wandering about the yard by a catfish pond located in the front of the house. Rumor has it that she may have lost a loved one to the pond. The ghost is known as friendly to whoever lives in the house that has children, attempting to bring them to the pond during the night.