Haunted Inn and Hotels in Montana

When visiting Montana for a vacation or checking out what the relatives on this side of the country are doing, you might have to shuffle into a hotel or inn during your stay. If you have the chance to pass through Libby, Billings, or Harlowton, you might want to add a little paranormal intrigue to your travels and stay at or explore an establishment that lets you to dig deep into the unexplainable and unknown. Below you will find a few locations to consider in Montana.


As for the Sheraton Hotel in Billings, it is the staff that experiences the bulk of weirdness at this establishment. As the story goes, one of the elevators has a habit of calling the front desk every morning at 2:30. When a worker answers the phone, there is no one on the other line. To satisfy their curiosity, the front desk clerk, as well as the security guard have checked the area many times and find that no one was in the elevator. To make things weirder, once the front desk clerk decided to beat the elevator to the punch. They called it at 2:30 and to their surprise, someone actually picked up the phone. Later, it was discovered that no one was in the elevator.

The Harlowton Hotel in Harlowton serves as home to the ghost of an elderly man who once owned the hotel and restaurant. He was known to sit at one of the upper floors and gaze out of the window. He would be positioned in his old rocking chair and seemed to have his eyes fixed on the Yellowstone River. Once he passed away, they set his rocking chair in the closet and no matter what, the chair would appear at the same window, time after time. They even tried locking the door to the closet, but still, the chair would appear. It is also said that when some of the maids clean in the hotel, they can feel someone or something tugging at their hair in a playful manner. When they look around them, no one is there, but they swear they can hear someone walking up and down the hall.

In Libby, the Sportsman’s RV Park has quite a tale. Before the park was set aside for RVs, there was an establishment called the Riverside Inn that sat in the area. Dating back to the later part of the 1960s, the construction on the Libby Dam was met with great anticipation. The Inn served as many different things, including a steak house, gas stop, mobile home park, as well as a mobile motel. This was a place for construction workers and passersby to settle at.


A lot of strangers also sought refuge here, hoping to gain work on the Dam. After the Libby Dam was completed, the Riverside Inn caught on fire and was never repaired. It is said that many aimless souls lost their lives waiting for work at the site, camping in the woods when they could not afford a stay at the Inn. There is also a tale that in the spring of each new year, thunderstorms bring about the shadowy figure of a ghost that wears a hooded poncho as they float above the ground.