Haunted Irish Castles: Clonony & Leslie

Throughout Ireland, there are plenty of great sites to visit when you are in the mood to explore paranormal activity about the country. For some, checking out a castle with a haunted past is a thrilling adventure because you never know what you will encounter. Ghosts, spirits, apparitions, or just a plain eerie or interesting history can be found at these sites. This article deals with some of the possessed castles in Ireland.


Clonony Castle


The Clonony Castle has a history that dates back to 1500, which is the date that the structure was built. The residence was built under the supervision of the McCoughlan family, using limestone from the local quarries. Those in charge of the construction of the castle took the height of the building to more than 50 feet. It is this castle that took over the surrounding land, which was located close to Shannon Harbor, which served as one of the busiest ports along the Shannon River.


On the premises, there is a ghost that haunts the castle. The spirit is a man, who is described as appearing through a haze, accompanied by an eerie glow. His image has been viewed about the top of the tower, dressed in clothes from a different time period. He is rather tall in height and skeletal. When driving by the castle, he seems to make his presence quite known. Since most reports regarding this ghost are so similar, many believe that he is an entity that really does exist.


Castle Leslie


When visiting the Glaslough, Monaghan part of Ireland, you may encounter this castle feature, which is tucked away about 1,000 acres of beautiful surroundings. For more than 300 years, the Leslie family have made this site their home, bringing to the premises a wide-range of famous faces and other celebrities throughout the years.


As for the haunted part of this castle, you will find that it is the Red Room that serves as the haunting grounds of Norman Leslie. Norman was obviously a family member of this location, but unfortunately lost his life during World War I. The first person to catch sight of his ghost was actually his mother, Lady Marjorie, who was fast asleep in the “Red Room” when something awakened her out of her slumber. As she looked closer at the ghost, it started to stare back at her with a familiar kind of face.


At the foot of the bed, she noticed that it was in actuality her son smiling back at her. She said he simply turned to her, gave her a smile, and then faded away after this brief encounter. Besides the sighting of Norman, there have been other odd occurrences about the castle. Some of the things that have been reported in regards to the oddity of this residence include the ringing of bells that are powered by no one. For some unknown reason, they are known to ring on their own. There have also been claims that unexplainable figures have been seen roaming about the corridors.