Haunted Island Tales: Guam

Located in the western Pacific Ocean, you will encounter the island of Guam, which is part of the United States. For about 6,000 years, inhabitants arrived at this location and have made it the largest of the Mariana Islands, serving as an entertaining tourist spot. If you ever pass through this slice of paradise, you might also want to take the time to investigate some of the ghost tales and legends associated with the destination. In this article, you will encounter a haunted palace hotel and Government House.


When arriving in Agana Heights, there have been interesting photographs taken of the Old Agana Hospital, which is said filled with ghosts. The flicks revealed images of ghosts, where unknown faces appeared. If you step foot on the grounds, you might also hear unexplainable music playing in your midst.


The Heights is also the location of the Government House, which has a tale of its own. Connected to the Government House is a building, which transforms into something quite creepy when the middle of the night arrives. It is said that the sounds of wet footsteps and the slamming of heavy doors can be heard. The hallway is said to bring about the most odd of noises. One of the legends associated with this site is that the footsteps that people speak of are that of a fisherman’s ghost.


In Agat, the Old Spanish Bridge stands, which has a history that dates back to the late 1700s. When the Spanish occupied Guam at this time, the bridge was constructed. It is said that a White Lady haunts this attraction. One version of this legend deals with a tale of intrigue and love. It is said that the daughter of a Spanish official planned on marrying one of the sons of the local inhabitants. She would rendevous with him at the bridge on a regular basis. They made plans to tie the knot, but when her father caught wind, he took action.


On the day that they were supposed to marry, the father had the husband-to-be murdered. There was no way that he would let his daughter marry one of the natives. When his daughter went looking for her soul mate, she felt uneasy when he was nowhere to be found. Consumed with heartache, she took her own life by drowning. Today, it is believed that her ghost can be seen on the bridge. She is always crying and when she roams about the area, it is said that she is still trying to find her lost lover.


The Leo Palace Hotel is situated in Talafofo, where the ghosts of two World War II soldiers still occupy the grounds. They have been seen on several occasions when the morning is still early. They have made appearances between 12am and 4am. When passing the hotel, they are not easily seen, but as you travel further, their images are known to appear in the rearview mirror. They wear their uniforms and are mostly seem walking side-by-side. One of the soldiers does not appear to possess a head and is seen carrying a helmet in his arms. When you turn your head to get a better look, they disappear into thin air.