Haunted Island Tales: Jamaica

As an island nation of the Greater Antilles, Jamaica has been known to provide some of the best vacation memories for those looking for a tropical location to settle at. A visit to this island brings one closer to the cool breezes, sunny days, as well as unbelievable beach land that offer endless days of sun tanning. For the more adventurous, Jamaica also offers a few scary tales and ghost stories attached to the area. This article will explore some of these legends, including a haunted house in Montego Bay.


If you have the chance to visit Mandeville, you will encounter higher learning institution of Northern Caribbean University. It is here that there has been reports regarded some very strange activity that is said to occur on the premises. When checking out the dormitories, some claim that screeching sounds can be heard when traveling from one floor to the next. All levels of residence show signs of these unexplainable noises. When hearing these sounds, a scary feeling often overtakes the body and no one seems to know what causes these events to take place.


A trip to Montego Bay will bring you close to the Great House and Rose Hall, which have stirred up quite a reputation on the island. The house, which dates back to 1760, is believed haunted by the ghost of Annie Palmer, which is also referred to as the “White Witch of Rose Hall.” When searching for this paranormal wonder, you will find it sitting on top of a hill, which is located rather close to the sea. The house has a historical significance, as it is said that Annie murdered three husbands on the premises. One of her former victims was none other that the original owner of the residence, John Palmer, who hailed from England.


She was an especially mean-spirited woman when she was alive, and racked up a ton of murders under her belt. Many slaves were said to have been killed by the hands of Annie and she spared no one the pain and agony of death. She was even known to take the lives of babies, whose bones she would use as part of her many voodoo rituals. While Annie was responsible for the deaths of many, you might be curious as to how she met her own end.


It was one of her lovers (ironically a slave) that finally ended the murderous rampage of such a women. After she passed away, her body was laid to rest on the grounds, which is why her ghost still lurks about the Great House grounds. Another legend attached to Annie involves paying a visit to Rose Hall. Some believe that you may encounter Annie as she rides upon a black horse. It is said that if she catches up to you, then she will hit you with the flick of her whip.