Haunted Island

There are five boroughs that make up New York City, but it is the island located at the entrance of the New York Harbor that produces a ton of ghost stories and eerie places. Staten Island is home to haunted cemeteries, houses, as well as college radio stations.


The Baron Hirsch Cemetery is said to have ghosts that date back to the early 1800s. Neighborhood residents claim that the cemetery’s spirits have moved from the property and entered the homes of those living close by. There have been sightings of shadowy figures lingering near some of these houses.

Many ghost tales arise when a building has become old or abandoned. The Old Bermuda Inn found on Arthur Kill Road, is said to be the haunting grounds of a young woman who walks through dining areas and can be seen on the stairs. The Old Brier House, which has become an abandoned building, was the former home of a small child who claimed to have seen a female ghost dressed in a wedding dress. The residents also claimed to hear gunshots coming from the basement, every morning at 2am.


The Revolutionary War is said to have left behind many lost souls throughout Staten Island. At the foot of Hylan Boulevard, you will find the Billop House, which presents occasional sightings of Revolutionary War-era apparitions throughout the house and garden. Next door to the Billop House is the Conference House, where a few Redcoats are supposed to be found. Some have claimed to feel taps on their shoulder when no one is around, as well as hear the sound of someone singing in a low voice. Fort Wadsworth is a site where a mysterious soldier can be seen walking through moving cars. Some witnesses have said that they experienced a blackout, where they felt as if they were flashing back into a period of war. One woman said that she saw through the eyes of a nurse who was looking after wounded and dying soldiers.

There have been many reports of unexplainable and odd occurrences throughout the Staten Island area. At the College of Staten Island, there have been reports that the equipment at the college radio station (WSIA) ran on its own. The lights have been said to flicker on and off without reason. When visiting the Vanderbilt Tomb found within the Moravian Cemetery on Richmond Road, taking a photograph at this spot can prove an odd task. There have been people who have taken a photo at the tomb, where after developing their pictures, discovered something a little off. Either no image of the people who posed is included in the photo or there is an unknown person in the photograph.


Tortured souls also haunt the area where they were mistreated, such in the example of the Old Seaview Hospital, which formerly treated tuberculosis and served as an insane asylum. This site located on Brielle Avenue, is said to be haunted by the spirit of tortured patients, who wander about the buildings of the hospital. The tortured soul of a monk-in-training that went crazy, has been blamed for the eerie feeling that is felt when walking into the basement of the St. Augustine Monastery. During the 1800s, the crazy Brother lost his mind and killed everyone who lived at the monastery at that time.


Other haunted spots that can be found in Staten Island include Wolfe’s Pond Park, Kreischer Mansion and the historical Richmond Town.