Haunted Kansas Sights 1

Throughout the state of Kansas, there are numerous haunted locations to consider, including a bridge in Emporia and an eerie hotel in Lawrence. In this article, you will encounter haunted tales dealing with these cities, as well as Great Bend, Gordon, Galena, as well as Garden City.


The Bird Bridge, located in Emporia, is an older bridge consisting of one lane. A preacher, along with his mistress, drugged his wife and forced her car over the side of the bridge. The car plummeted into the water. If you are ever in the area during the nighttime, it is said that you can hear the screams of a woman, as well as witness the walking of an apparition close to the shore. A movie was even made about this murder in the 1980s, which was called “Murder Ordained,” starring JoBeth Williams and Keith Carradine.


The Lawrence area offers an array of haunted spots to explore, including the Eldridge Hotel, which burned down and was soon rebuilt. On the 5th floor, you will find room 506, which is thought to offer a “portal” to the spirit world. Doors have been known to shut on their own, as well as the sighting of unexplainable flashing lights. Newly cleaned mirrors have also shown unexplainable breath marks. In Lawrence, you will also find Stull Cemetery, which is also thought to provide a portal to the afterlife. An abandoned church can also be found in the area, adding to the fear factor. It is said that if you throw any item into the church, you will never hear the noise it makes when it hits the floor.


The Lawrence Community Theatre used to serve as a church, but now showcases plays and other performances. An odd presence has been felt within this space and may be the source for malfunctioning lights, as well as the unexplainable movement of props and other objects. At the University of Kansas, the Sigma Nu Fraternity has a lot to say about ghost encounters. It is said that the ghost of the former governor’s mistress has been encountered on the premises. She committed suicide at this location by hanging herself.

In Great Bend, you will encounter the Komarek House, where objects tend to move about on their own. It has been said that larger pieces of furniture have also shuffled about without any known help. At Pawnee Rock, witnesses claim to have seen the ghosts of Native Americans assuming battle in the area. In the past, a man took the life of his wife’s lover and it is said that his ghost also haunts this area.

Throughout the state, there are plenty of other haunted locations awaiting your arrival. In Galena, there is a witch’s grave that can be found in the northern section of town. It is supposed to be a hidden location, but some claim to have stayed in the area for a night. Odd sounds were heard, as well as a strange image that would disappear beyond the trees. The Old Corn Field in Gordon, odd lights have been seen in the area coming from an unknown source. In Garden City, the Main Street’s Brocken Home is home to the ghost of a small boy whose whereabouts became unknown after the death of his parents.