Haunted Kansas Sights 2

Continuing the haunted locations that can be found throughout the state of Kansas, you will find tales and legends dealing with Dodge City, Atchison, as well Burlingame. Some details describe lost souls wandering about looking for something they have lost, while others are unsettled spirits looking for nothing but revenge.


First, we will tackle Dodge City and begin with the odd events that occur at St. Mary’s, which used to be a thriving church, connecting religion to the college. It is no longer in use. The story goes that a nun was descending a flight of stairs that was located close to the doors and tripped. She fell to the bottom, which resulted in her death. Some say that moaning can be heard coming from the bottom of the stairs. As soon as you turn the corner, the sounds can no longer be heard. What is now the Soul Intermediate Center in Dodge City, used to be the Old Dodge City High School, dating back to the 1800s. The exact account of the location has been twisted throughout the years, but all would agree that this spot is haunted. Ghosts have been encountered in the basement area, as well as in the library.
Shadows of unknown people have been seen wandering about the Church of Gods Word, which is located in Arcadia. It has also been said that objects that need to be plugged into the wall, have been known to turn on without any electricity. Lights also flicker on and off without the aid of anyone. The ghost of an editor that died from unknown causes is said to haunt the Globe newspaper office in Atchison.

When visiting Jackson Park in Atchison, you may want to avoid the area when the clock strikes midnight. The blood-curdling screams of a ghost named Molly can be heard in the vicinity. Molly was a striking, young lady, who was found dead the day after her prom. She was hanging from one of the trees by her neck. Her clothes had been torn from her body. It is believed that her date got carried away and killed her when she refused to have sex with him, but the story lingers because no one was ever made responsible for her death.

In Burlingame, reports of a menacing figure, dressed in black, have been made. He is said to walk into the highway, suddenly disappearing. He can be seen when driving on US 56 & 189th Street. The Coon Creek Bridge in Barnes is where the ghost of a young girl has been haunting the area. She has been sighted many times before the sun rises and her story is unknown.

Be careful when bowling at the C& H Lanes in Chanute. A woman died after her finger got stuck in the ball and she hit herself in the head with it. Her ghost is said to haunt the premises, especially in the girls’ bathroom. Footsteps coming from people when no one is around can be heard, as well as the flickering of lights, which is supposed to signify when the ghost is upset. 

At the Beaumont Hotel, located in the city with the same name, the spirit of a murdered cowboy can be seen wandering about the upper floors. At Diphtheria Hill, which is named so for those who are buried in the area cemetery, odd sounds, noises and voices can be heard. Diphtheria victims were buried alive at this site and some say if you walk in the area, you can hear the sound of children playing, as well as the crying of young babes.  


Additional haunted spot throughout Kansas include: the Walmart in Chanute; the Hawks Landing Creek in Clay Center; the Brown Mansion in Coffeyville; the Piano House in Hiawatha; the fifth floor of the City Court House in Hutchinson; the Old Salt Mine in Lyons, as well as the Purple Masque Theater in Manhattan.