Haunted Kansas: Topeka

Every city has a story to tell and the capital of Kansas, Topeka is just itching with scary tales. In this article, you will encounter stories that deal with haunted places and eerie legends, dealing with the Capital Building, Harrison Church, as well as one of the oldest schools throughout the city.


First, we will explore the city of Topeka, where you will find the Capital Building. As legend has it, a woman jumped off of the staircase and died as a result. The staircase leads all the way up to the top of the dome, but when you reach the basement area, the sound of unexplainable footsteps and crying can be heard. At the Gardner House, a poltergeist is said to haunt the premises.


Spotted on numerous occasions, a ghost named the Albino Lady is said to wander about the cemetery. At the Dorothy Thomas School of Dance, odd events are known to happen at this location. The studio can be found within the basement area of a house. This has been true since the early 1940s. In 1988, Dorothy died and the weird occurrences started to rumble. Lights began to turn on and off on their own. Sometimes the sound of a dozen tapping feet can be heard, as early as 3 in the morning. A piano that is believed to be broken will sometimes play various tunes in the middle of the night. Music boxes and the stereo will sound off at the oddest times and footsteps can be heard in the attic. Whispers can also be heard.


The Harrison Church is considered to be one of the most haunted spots throughout Kansas. It has been abandoned since it was believed to become possessed by the Devil. Screams have been heard coming from the location, as well as the sound of a crying girl. Many say that you have to possess nerves of steel in order to enter this abandoned spot.


Unexplainable.Net was recently emailed by one of the owners of the Harrison Church. The Church is not abandoned, and it is indeed confirmed haunted.. Reead the Email below..

“I thought you may want to update your information on the Harrison
Church at S.W. 16th and Harrison – It is not abandoned, and hasn’t been
for about four an half years now, as one of the owners I can confirm
One other thing I can also confirm is that the rumors of it being
Haunted are not rumors at all, the activity there is real and pretty
consistent. As I can not be there on location on a regular basis I
hired Caretakers to care for and watch over the building – maybe I
should have told them about the Church’s reputation before they signed
on and moved in, but I did not I decided not to put things in their
head that may have otherwise not been there. Well it only took about
two weeks before I started getting calls asking me for information on
the Church and if there was anything they should know due to some
strange things happening in the Chapel. I dispersed some info in small
quantities, again not wanting to make a mountain out of a mole hill,
however the mountain showed it’s face all on it’s own, and one of the
Caretakers for a lack of a better explanation, was temporarily
possessed while someone that claimed to be a former preacher from the
50’s sent over a message regarding a double murder that took place in
the boiler room and upper loft of the church.. Ooops, guess I should
have been a little more forthcoming with my information.
Lucky for me and my business partner the Caretakers have not as of
yet been spooked away, in fact they are intrigued and while
investigating and trying to verify the information they were given
‘that night’ they have found a way to live among the ‘regulars’ that
pass back and fourth through the Chapel on a daily basis. Yes it’s hard
to believe for me also, but what scares some makes others curious – Me?
I’m happy in my own home far far away from the Church *smile wink*

The Topeka High School is one of the oldest learning institutions that you will encounter throughout the city. Tunnels can be found underneath the school that are said to lead to a hidden graveyard. Some pictures have been taken of the odd events that have occurred at this site. Ghosts have also been spotted on the premises. Some believe that if you are alone, you may be able to participate in conversations between ghosts. Teachers and students who are walking in the hallways and conducting business in the classrooms when no one was around, have encountered many strange acts.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is said to be haunted by two different ghosts, who are known as George and Sam. It is said that they both died a cruel fate and they will continue to seek revenge until they are satisfied, which may never come. The Topeka Country Club is a site where numerous apparitions have been sighted. Staff members and security guards try to avoid going in the upstairs area when no one is around. Odd events, such as lights that turn on their own, as well as the playing of loud music has been known to occur.