Haunted Kansas: Wichita

When visiting the Kansas city of Wichita, you will encounter what is known as the “Air Capital,” as well as the largest city throughout the state. Haunted tales regarding this destination includes a water tower, bridge, cemetery, as well as a hotel located in the Old Town area.


During the construction of the Bel Aire Water Tower, a man snuck onto the worksite and attempted to climb the tower. He lost his footing and fell inside, where he plummeted more than 180 feet. Of course, he did not survive this fall and when workers discovered what happened, they had to make a decision: whether or not to dismantle the tower to recover his body. The decided to build the tower over his body and it is believed that if anyone climbs the fence surrounding the tower, you can catch the sound of the man tapping on the walls in an attempt to escape.


The Broadview Hotel can be located within Old Town, where the rooms found further from the hallway have been known to flicker on and off on their own. It is said that when leaving rooms, it is not uncommon to find that the furniture had been moved about the room. Sometimes the doors of some rooms have been known to shake with force, even though no one can be seen causing the mishap.

As for schools in the area, there are a few that present odd occurrences or ghost tales. The Robinson Middle School is where the ghost of a girl can be seen walking about the hallways after darkness has fallen. She has been known to make the locks on the lockers bang together and make noise. At Wichita State University, there have been numerous reports made from students who have heard unexplainable footsteps. Sometimes knocking on doors from an unknown source has been documented, as well as the closing and shutting of doors without any help. Televisions turn on and off by themselves and the ghost of a woman wearing a gray dress has been known to appear. When she senses that she is being followed, she will suddenly disappear. Various accounts have been noted at the Wilner Auditorium.


At the former Henrion Gymnasium, you will now find the Sculpture and Ceramics Department. Tales exist involving a former maintenance worker, who died as a result of an accident. He was electrocuted sometime in the 1950s. While he was working, he came into contact with a live wire and was killed. He did not have his hardhat on at the time. It is believed that his ghost can be spotted during the middle of the night or sometimes early in the morning.

At Theorosas Bridge, which is located close to Jesters Creek, you will find a bridge in sad shape. It is believed that the spirit of a mother may be encountered. Her ghost seems to be searching for something and it is said that it is the body of her murdered baby. Residents believe that many uneasy spirits come to this bridge. This has been a place that has attracted ghost hunters, as well as those looking for a scare, for more than 150 years. The sense of this area is one of intense sadness; numerous people have lost their lives at this location.

Maintenance workers have heard strange sounds at the McConnell Air Force Base, when work was being done on some of the aircraft. Lights have been known to flicker on and off for no reason and legend has it that on Halloween, an odd occurrence can be witnessed: when the night is filled with fog, a World War II aircraft can be seen landing and disappearing into the fog. When visiting the Rest Haven Cemetery, numerous beginner ghost hunters reported to have caught the voice of a ghostly child, as well as other strange events on film.