Haunted Lake Areas Throughout Saskatchewan

Take it from those who have ventured alone to any Crystal Lake (where the famed Friday the 13th star, Jason, was said to roam) and you will feel the power that an eerie lake may present. What lies under the still waters is a mystery and no one has any way to tell what may greet you at the bottom of the water. Below, you will encounter a few lakes throughout the Saskatchewan area, where you may think twice about visiting on your lonesome.


In the Duck Lake area, you will encounter the Duck Lake Hotel, which is said to be haunted. Once upon a time, a fight broke out in the hotel, between two fellas, which resulted in the death of one. On that day, a man fell to his death from the top of the establishment. Those who have visited this hotel claim that they can hear the screams of the ghost of the man, as if he was just falling afresh. This is said to occur on every 8th day of a month.


When you reach Foam Lake, there is a house, which has many paranormal tales attached to it. While walking throughout the premises, people have spotted things that disappear when taking a better look at it. For example, one person claims to have seen flowered wall paint transform into something different. During the early part of the 1900s, there was a family that once inhabited the house. The children of this family suffered from a variety of medical conditions. One of the children passed away from severe burns, while the others soon followed from different fates. An investigation was launched with the prime suspect being the mother. Nothing was ever concluded. The house can be found in the middle of an empty prairie field, surrounding by many trees. It is hard to find the location at first, but it is there, hidden. Odd sounds have been heard coming form the house and those living in the area can attest to the oddities surrounding the premises.

Located on the north shore of Buffalo Pound Lake, you will find Moose Jaw. In the area, there is an old church camp situated by the lake. Many campers come to this location; most coming to test the legend surrounded with this spot. On the grounds, there is a rather large rock, which is the center of a circle of stones. In the ground, you will find a depression that is curiously shaped like a coffin. The legend of this site states that if you come close to the rock between the hours of midnight and 2am, you may catch a glimpse of the ghost of the person who is said to be buried beneath the rock.


There are three places to check out that are worthy of a scare when you pay a visit to Kenose Lake. For example, at the Bar Bar, the ghost of a person who lived upstairs is said to haunt the premises. Many oddities have occurred at this location, including banging noises and unexplainable voices. The Kenosee Inn is a restaurant with bar that is located on the waterfront. A ghost is said to haunt the inn, known for knocking chairs about. At the Moosehead Inn, you will find a restaurant in the area, which is a site of many unknown noises and slamming sounds.