Haunted Lakes in New Jersey

Whether you believe the spirit of the dead can dwell at the bottom of a lake or the surrounding area of a lake is the perfect backdrop for a scary tale, haunted lakes make popular subjects for paranormal tales. In this article, you will learn of such bodies of water located in the state of New Jersey.

The Lake at Drew University , Madison

There is a lake found in the back of the woods located close to the Arboretum at Drew University. It is said that a ‘lady in blue’ haunts the vicinity. Witnesses report that she has a reputation for tripping people. She has been reported to appear during sunset, but has also been seen during the day. No one has ever seen her face or body , only a blue-colored dress appears.

Union Lake , Millville

Located off of Carmal Road, you will find Union Lake. It is here that locals believe the boat ramp is a place of paranormal activity that takes place in the middle of the night. Some have reported seeing tire marks that disappear and reappear. Other people have heard odd sounds or have seen the birds in the area appear skittish for no apparent reason. Cold spots have also been reported in the area that have made people feel uneasy.

Swedesboro Lake , Swedesboro

There have been reports of a ghostly man that appears to be riding a bike near Swedesboro Lake. Some have claimed to hear unexplainable screaming while close to the lake.

Lake at the Watchung Reservation , Mountainside

It is said that a murder took place by the large lake located on the grounds of the Watchung Reservation. The area has been described as being densely wooded with abandoned houses in the vicinity. It’s a popular place to feed the mind of the imaginative, who have used the site as the subject of wild and scary tales. One story says that the occult come to the lake to meet and hold rituals.

Ghost Lake , Allamuchy

Located in the Allamuchy Township, the locals have a legend that says an old graveyard is situated at the bottom of the man-made lake. At night, it is said that ghosts from the burial land come to haunt the areas.

Franklin Lake , Gravity Hill

There is a legend told of Gravity Road , located close to Franklin Lake, which involves the death of a young woman who died at the bottom of the exit ramp. Legend has it that if you stop at the stop sign, a mysterious force pushes you backward up the hill again. Some believe it is the ghost of the woman that is pushing your car away from danger. Some say that if you put baby powder or flour on your front bumper before traveling down the road will reveal the ghostly handprints of the woman. To learn more about the interesting history of Gravity Hill Roads, check out the article titled: ” Local Legends: Gravity Roads in New Jersey.”