Haunted Lighthouses in Maine: Owls Head Light II

The Owls Head Lighthouse has a fascinating history that starts with a United State President and includes a resident ghost and harrowing tale of rescue. In this article, you will learn more about this interesting lighthouse found in Maine.

In 1850, there were five ships that went aground at Penobscot Bay. One of the ships was a small schooner that broke free of the cables it was tied to. Three people were trapped on the ship at the time: Roger Elliot, First Mate Richard B. Ingraham, and his fiancée Lydia Dyerin. As the ship approaching a crash with the rocks, they found themselves helpless. Elliot was successful in getting out of the ship. He made it to shore and eventually came across Owl’s Head Lighthouse.

The keeper of the lighthouse found Elliot, who was half frozen at the time. Slowly, Elliot came to his senses enough to tell the keeper of the two other people who had been aboard the ship. The keeper called for the help of 12 other men so that they could look for the two.

The rescue group located the couple, but they were enclosed in a block of ice. They seemed to have been dead, but the men did not want to miscalculate. They brought the couple back to the
lighthouse. Placed in a tub of water, the men started to chip away at the ice. The temperature of the water was gradually raised and they started to exercise their muscles. Finally, signs of life emerged and after several months, they were fully recovered. Sadly, Roger Elliot did not live, but the couple flourished , even having four children of their own.

During the 1930s, Augustus B. Hamor served as the keeper of the lighthouse. He also was the owner of a Springer Spaniel named Spot. Over time, the dog learned how to pull the rope that rang the fog bell. He came in handy when conditions were very foggy and often rang the bell at the lighthouse. One night, a storm was brewing and the Matinicus mail boat almost ran aground at Owl’s Head. The rope for the fog bell had become too frozen for Spot to pull, so he started to bark. The captain of the vessel heard the dog and was able to safely direct the boat away from the shore. After Spot died, he was buried right next to the fog bell.

The Owls Head Lighthouse is known for a ghost that often makes an appearance at the attraction. He is described as an old sea captain. His presence is typically marked by unexplainable footprints, polished brass, and a feeling of coldness. This is the same ghost that the 3-year-old daughter of a keeper had befriended. The ghost helped her to alert the oncoming fog and that the foghorn should be sounded.