Haunted Lighthouses in Michigan II

Situated close to Alpena, Michigan, it is said that the Presque Isle Light is one of the scariest lighthouses to visit in the region. In this article, you will also encounter information pertaining to the supposed hauntings of Big Bay Point Light and Seul Choix Lighthouse.

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

There is a gruesome tale attached to this attraction. It is said that the keeper of the lighthouse held a woman prisoner on the premises until she went insane. During her last days, it was said that she went wild and screamed a great deal , a sound that is believed to have been trapped in the lighthouse and can still be heard to this day.

The lighthouse itself is described as beautiful and old , even though it was only in operation for 31 years before it was transformed into a museum. The tale behind the haunting has been profiled in magazines and showcased on television shows, such as Haunted Lighthouses of America. Many believe that the spirit of a caretaker still lingers throughout the structure. Some have detected the light being on and glowing a yellowish color although there is no light and lens located in the tower.

Big Bay Point Light

In Big Bay, Michigan, you will find a lighthouse that dates back to 1896 located on the north shore of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The light station has been turned into a cozy bed-and-breakfast packed with romantic fireplaces, a sauna, and even offers spa services. William Prior was in charge of the lighthouse, and after being dead for so many years, it seems that he has decided to stay on site in the afterlife. He’s known for lending a helping hand. One time, innkeeper Linda Gamble grew angry and yelled at the ghost when the sound of slamming kitchen cabinet doors brought her out of her sleep. Ever since, William or the other five ghosts thought to haunt the premises were not heard of.

Seul Choix Lighthouse

During a visit to the Seul Choix Lighthouse, the brother of one of the keepers died on the premises in 1910. James Townshend was a ship’s captain who had been visiting his brother when he became very sick. When he died, it was described as a painful, violent end due to the illness he developed.  Both of the brothers enjoyed the lighthouse greatly. After the death of his brother, the lighthouse keeper decided to stay. He had his brother embalmed in the basement and held at the lighthouse where a public viewing and wake was held for several days.

It is said that the brother decided to remain at the lighthouse in the afterlife. For example, the captain was a heavy smoker and traces of cigar smoke can be easily detected. He is also thought the source of footsteps throughout the lighthouse. He is also known to move about objects. The ghost is also known for having a sense of humor. He would turn the silverware set out for meals upside down, which was the way he liked it. It is also thought that he would play with the uniformed mannequin on display at the lighthouse.