Haunted Lighthouses in the United States I

A disgruntled light keeper, victim of an accident, or friendly spirit , any one of these subjects could be involved in a tale about a haunted lighthouse. In this article, you will encounter haunted lighthouse tales regarding structures in Oregon and Georgia.
Heceta Head Light , Oregon
In Yachats, Oregon, the Heceta Head Light has attracted the interest of people looking for an interesting paranormal tale. There seems to be a resident ghost that doesn’t like when things change on the premises. Her name is Rue and whenever odd happenings strike at the lighthouse, it is she that gets blamed. For example, she has been held responsible for setting off a fire alarm and transporting random objects during work on the keeper’s house. Today, this house has been made into a bed-and-breakfast.
Many agree that the ghost at the Heceta Head Lighthouse (who has been nicknamed the “Gray Lady”) is a friendly spirit. One worker claims to have come in contact with the ghost while he was in the attic. The Gray Lady had given the man quite a fright. After his encounter, he refused to reenter the room , even when a window was broken and glass needed to be cleaned up. When another worker went to investigate the mess, he found that the shards had been swept up into a tidy pile.
If you are interested in visiting the haunted Heceta Head Lighthouse, head for Florence, Oregon. Here, you will also enjoy calming views of the Pacific Ocean.  
There are some who are curious as to why Rue would want to haunt the lighthouse. One theory is that the Gray Lady may have lost a child. The grave of a baby was discovered on the lighthouse grounds and is thought to have belonged to the woman. In addition to moving objects around, Rue likes to open and shut cupboard doors and has even been heard walking upstairs. Some witnesses believe they have caught a glimpse of Rue looking out of the attic window.
St. Simons Island Light – Georgia
If you visit the southern tip of St. Simons Island in Georgia, you will be able to explore the tale of a killing that happened years ago, but may be at the center of a haunting on the premises. The odd happenings at the site are attributed to an incident that took place in 1880. A disagreement broke out between head keeper Frederick Osborne and assistant John Stevens.

In the end, Frederick was fatally shot and John was never charged in the case. He went on to tend to the light. Legend says that he often heard noises at night, which he believed were the footsteps of Frederick’s ghost roaming about the vacant tower. As time passed, John was not the only one to hear the footsteps , there have been other reports that weird sounds take place. Another highlight of the lighthouse is the spiral staircase that leads to the tower. It is comprised of 129 steps.