Haunted Lighthouses in the United States II

In Scotland, Maryland, many visitors have paid a visit to the state park that is home to Point Lookout Light. This particular site holds a special place in the hearts of paranormal enthusiasts. Some people have called this lighthouse one of the most haunted in the United States. Both male and female apparitions have been reported to appear and disappear at will. In this article, you will also encounter the story of the haunted Plymouth Lighthouse.

Point Lookout Light

Situated at the mouth of the Potomac River at Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, the Point Lookout Lighthouse is found. Constructed in 1830, the lighthouse was a 1 ½ story building that was later reconstructed into a 2-story structure in 1883. The sources of the hauntings of the lighthouse are primarily believed to have a connection to the U.S. General Hospital that was first built nearby. A prison camp was also established during the Civil War. It was here that many people died because the prison was overcrowded and plagued with disease. Because of this, it’s no wonder that paranormal activity was reported as early as the 1860s.

Some suspect that the first lighthouse keeper has chosen to haunt the lighthouse. There have been reports that Ann Davis has been sighted at the top of the haunted lighthouse stairs. She isn’t the only person thought to have an afterlife attachment to the premises. Other accounts have stated the presence of both male and female apparitions. The basement has become a location believed to attract ghosts.

A gravesite was once located close to the lighthouse and has been removed, causing some to believe that the spirits left behind are searching for the graves. Other odd happenings reported to happen at the lighthouse include doors that mysteriously open and close on their own, unexplainable snoring, ghostly voices, footsteps and other strange sounds that take place within the lighthouse and about the grounds.  

The Point Lookout lighthouse is no longer in service. When it retired in 1965, it left behind 135 years of service. At one point, the lighthouse was open for visitor one day of the year, as well as during special events. To get into the State Park where the lighthouse stands, you must pay an entrance fee.  Today, a chain link fence surrounds the lighthouse, but there are plans to restore the building and transform it into a museum for the public.

Point Sur Lightstation , California

In Big Sur, California, the Point Sur Lightstation has earned a reputation for its paranormal activity. Witnesses have reported spotting the ghost of a man who is dressed in the 19th-century keeper’s uniform. The ghost has appeared to people in the visitor’s center. Since 1889, the beacon of Point Sur was positioned on top of a huge mass of volcanic rock. Visitors can explore the lighthouse premises during scheduled tours that take place on the weekends throughout the year and on designated Wednesdays and Thursdays.