Haunted Lighthouses in the United States III

The Matinicus Rock Lighthouse is best known for being the home of Abbie Burgess, the heroine and subject of the popular children’s book, “Keep the Lights Shining, Abbie.” In this article, you will learn more about the paranormal activity that takes place at this site.

Matinicus Rock Lighthouse , Penobscot Bay

The Matinicus Rock Lighthouse is situated on Matinicus Rock, which sits out in Penobscot Bay , around 6 miles south of Matinicus Island, which is close to Rockland, Maine. The positioning of the lighthouse must have made life very difficult for anyone performing the duties of a light keeper.

The rock outcropping was a difficult place to live for anyone. An unknown keeper is thought to have been overcome with loneliness and isolation that he climbed up into one of the disabled towers, strung a rope around his neck, and proceeded to hang himself. His body was not found for a couple of days. The only reason someone went to investigate was because the locals of Matinicus Island noticed the light hadn’t been lit in a few days.

The tower where his body was found is always locked. Coast Guardsmen like to say that if it isn’t kept shut and sealed, then the ghost of the keeper will escape and wreak havoc on the living. Guardsmen have reported that the ghost likes to make noises in the tower, break dishes, toss supplies around, and turn over chairs. When the door was locked and barred, the paranormal activity seemed to subside. Interestingly, it was reported that a crewman went into the tower and when he opened the door, they all experience new issues, such as a malfunctioning light and machinery that did not work correctly. It seems that a locked door is the way to calm the ghost in the lighthouse.

Battery Point Light , California

The Battery Point Lighthouse located in Crescent City, California possesses an interesting history. For starters, the site has been connected to destruction and tragedy, as four or five tsunamis struck the region on March 27, 1964. Seven people lost their lives on that day, and 29 city blocks were completely destroyed. Despite all of the chaos, the lighthouse remained intact.
There is a tale that three ghosts haunt the lighthouse. According to a paranormal research team, they believe that there are two adults and one child responsible for the odd happenings at the lighthouse. More than one person has heard the sounds of the ghosts. Some give descriptions of sea boots walking up and down the stairs , especially when a storm is brewing.

Today, the lighthouse is a museum. Accounts of the paranormal activity have been documented by the previous curator (the Tugels), who shared their experiences with the ghosts in a brochure that was given to visitors. Some of the details they gave included the odd behavior of a rocking chair, the sensation of someone tapping people on the shoulders, and things that used to spook their cats. There was even a room that the felines refused to enter. In another room, the cats would not walk on the floors, but instead, moved by walking on the furniture.