Haunted Lighthouses: Massachusetts, Maryland & Connecticut

Continuing with additional haunted lighthouses, you will find that states, such as Massachusetts, Maryland and Connecticut offer a look at such buildings. In this article, you will encounter tales regarding the Plymouth Lighthouse, as well as the New London Ledge Lighthouse.


At Gurnet Point, located at Plymouth, Massachusetts, you will find the Plymouth Lighthouse, which dates back to 1769. The lighthouse has undergone numerous changes, including a replacement in 1803, as well as rebuilding efforts during 1843 and 1924. The first lighthouse was built upon the property of John and Hannah Thomas, who became the keepers of the lighthouse. During the Revolutionary War, John lost his life, making Hannah the first female lighthouse keeper throughout the United States. The 1924 version of the lighthouse was transformed into an automated building, where no one is needed to run the operation. The locals believe that Hannah still haunts the lighthouse.


A pair of professional lighthouse photographers spent the night in a house that was located close to the tower. One of the photographers awoke in the middle of the night to see a female apparition floating above his wife’s head. The ghost was staring at him. Later, he would describe the ghost as wearing dated clothing and had long flowing, dark hair. He believed that he has encountered the ghost of Hannah, who may have been in search of her husband.


Point Lookout can be found at Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, which was built during the 1800s. This site has been noted as the most haunted lighthouse throughout America. It is the past of this location that is quite disturbing. During the Civil War, a prison camp was located next to the lighthouse. Since the establishment was highly overcrowded, disease spread quickly throughout the prison camp, causing hopelessness and death.


Since the 1860s, numerous paranormal activities have been reported at this site, including odd noises and voices. Some of these sounds have even been recorded. It is said that the ghost of the first lighthouse keeper, Miss Davis, has been spotted standing at the top of the staircase. In the basement, other images have been spotted, as well as the ghosts of some who are thought to be searching for graves that once were located on the grounds, but were later removed.


Dating back to the early 1900s, the New London Ledge Lighthouse, located in Connecticut, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who committed suicide over a lost love. It was 1936 and a man by the name of Ernie found out that his wife had left him for the captain of the Block Island Ferry. He then decided to jump from the roof of the lighthouse, where he instantly died. His ghost has haunted the lighthouse ever since, committing numerous acts. Sometimes he will open and shut doors, while other times he will turn the foghorn on and off. He has also been known to wash the decks, mess with televisions, as well as untie boats so that they may float away.