Haunted Lighthouses: Michigan, Maine & Florida

The Presque Isle Lighthouse is located on Lake Huron, Presque Isle in Michigan. The site is believed to be haunted by the ghost of George Parris, who was a former keeper of the lighthouse. Although, the lighthouse is now abandoned, an amber light can be seen coming from the tower. In 1977, George and his wife, Lorraine, moved into a house that was attached to the lighthouse. They took on jobs looking after the site and holding tours during vacation time.


The history of the lighthouse includes being taken out of service during 1870, as well as the removal of the wiring in 1979. When George passed away in 1991, the strange light began flickering. His widow claimed that she felt that it was the presence of her late husband. She recalled the times when her husband used to cook bacon and eggs for her in the morning. Sometimes she would awake and the kitchen would smell as if a breakfast had been prepared, but no one lives with her.


Another odd occurrence dealing with the lighthouse involves the tale of a small girl, who was touring the lighthouse with her family. When she reached the top of the tower and began walking down the stairs, she could be heard giggling. The girl was asked who she was speaking to and she replied “to the man in the tower.” From a photo that hung in the cottage, she pointed out that it was George Parris who she was speaking to.


Another site in Michigan, you will find the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse, which can be located on Lake Michigan, about 15 miles away from Manistique, Michigan. Strange occurrences have been reported at the lighthouse by a variety of workers and visitors. Some of the things that have been documented include the displacement of silverware and other items; unexplainable footsteps, as well as an odd scent of cigar smoke. Others claim to hear the footsteps of someone traveling up the steps of the lighthouse when no one is in sight. It is believed that the ghost of the old lighthouse keeper is still roaming about the premises. In Michigan, you will also find the White River Light Station on Lake Michigan, where the ghost of the first lighthouse keeper is said to haunt this site.


In Georgetown, Maine, you will encounter the Sequin Island Lighthouse, which was first built during the late 1700s. It underwent a few rebuilding efforts in 1820 and 1857. This site is believed to be haunted by the bride of the lighthouse keeper, who was supposedly killed at this location. The legend associated with this lighthouse deals with the depression that the woman felt while living on an isolated island. The lighthouse keeper had a piano shipped to their home for her comfort. She had only one sheet of music that she learned and played time and time again. The lighthouse keeper couldn’t take the music any longer and lost his mind, taking an ax to the piano, as well as his wife. There is a belief that the piano music can still be heard hovering over the water.


Numerous ghosts are said to haunt the St. Augustine Lighthouse, which can be found in Florida. The 12-year-old daughter of the lighthouse builder drowned while near the area. Her voice can be heard when visiting this site. To add more fuel to the fire, a former caretaker hung himself in the basement of the lighthouse and his ghost is said to appear on the premises.