Haunted Lighthouses: Oregon, Florida & Georgia

When it comes to lighthouses, there are several that offer a haunted experience. Whether a ghost of a former lighthouse keeper is haunting the building or a specter from the sea, throughout the United States, there are many locations to explore.


In Florence, Oregon, the Heceta Head Lighthouse was built in 1894. This location is believed to be haunted by a ghost that is referred to as the “Gray Lady” and sometimes “Rue.” On the premises, a grave of an unidentified baby was found. It is thought that the ghost is the mother of this child. Some of the things that this ghost is known to do includes moving objects, opening and shutting the doors of cupboards, as well as numerous other odd acts.


Once, a worker reported to have an up-close encounter with the ghost while he was in the attic. After he sighted the Gray Lady, he fled from the scene. A few days later, another worker broke one of the attic windows by accident while checking out the exterior of the lighthouse. For fear of facing the Gray Lady, he refused to venture into the attic to fix the window. Instead of repairing it from the inside, he chose to fix it from the outside. The broken glass was never picked up from the attic floor. When night fell, a scraping sound was heard coming from the attic area. No one wanted to investigate the sounds during the night, but in the morning, the workers decided to check out the attic. They found that all of the glass was swept into a tidy pile. Today, if you visit the lighthouse, you may catch sight of the elderly woman that has been seen peering out of the attic window, which is thought to be the Gray Lady.


The Old Port Boca Grande Lighthouse can be found on Gasparilla Island, which is located in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida. The 1890 building is suspected of harboring two ghosts. The first ghost is the daughter of one of the lighthouse keepers. She passed away on the premises of either whooping cough or diphtheria. Tours are held at the location where some visitors claim to have heard the sounds of a young child playing in one of the upper floor rooms.


The second ghost is royalty. The headless ghost of a Spanish princess by the name of Josefa is said to also haunt the premises. Legend has it that a Spanish pirate named Gasparilla was courting the princess. She refused his advances, which caused him to cut off her head with his sword. It is said that her headless spirit can be seen roaming about the beach, in search for her head.


The St. Simons Lighthouse can be found on St. Simons Island in Georgia. The lighthouse was first built in 1810, and then rebuilt again in 1872. The keeper’s house not only housed the lighthouse keeper, but was also the home of his assistant and both of their families. In 1880, the lighthouse keeper, who was named Frederick Osborne and his assistant began to argue, resulting in the death of Frederick. Several individuals believe that his ghost still haunts the premises. Heavy footsteps can be heard walking up the staircase of the tower. Many think that the former lighthouse keeper leaves these footsteps behind.