Haunted Locations in Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, which is also the one of the top five largest cities throughout the country. Located in the Ottawa Valley, this city is positioned in the eastern part of Ontario, which is also shares space on the border of Quebec. Throughout the city, there are many different sites that a person could visit when they are in the mood to explore various realms of the paranormal.


What once stood as the Carleton County Jail is now where you will find the International Youth Hostel. This site offers historical significance because it is where the last hanging in Canada officially took place, which happened to be of an innocent victim by the name of P.J. Whalen. At the time, it was believed that Whalen had murdered Thomas D’Arcy Mcgee, who was an Irish politician in the area. Since the hanging, reports of extreme hauntings have been made, including more than one ghost. When Halloween comes around, a dummy is hung, where witnesses hear the sound of gallow doors opening. It is said to be quite a terrifying sound to hear. Various tours of the jail are available to visitors.


A lot of paranormal activity has been reported to occur at the Chateau Laurier. The Chateau is a large hotel that is rather attractive despite the eerie feeling you are greeted with when you enter the premises. One of the ghosts that you may encounter is actually the founder of the hotel. While on an expedition to bring back furniture from Europe, he unfortunately perished in the sinking of the Titanic. Numerous residents of the Chateau, as well as those who work at the hotel have reported to encounter a variety of ghosts. Other odd events include strange noises and shaking. The ghost of a small girl is also said to haunt the premises. For those who are interested, there is a ghost tour that makes a stop at this site.

In Ottawa, some of the employees who work at the City Hall have claimed to feel an odd feeling when entering various rooms. At night, when no one is supposed to be on the premises, workers have also heard footsteps that cannot be explained. In the area, there is also a museum in the vicinity that offers quite a few scares. The Museum of Nature located on Metcalfe Street is said to be quite an experience when the sun sets. On the fourth floor, in the middle of the night, lights have been known to turn on and off by themselves. A Native American display, which includes masks and other artifacts, has been known to move on its own. When it comes time to walking their security rounds, the guards dread every minute because of all the odd occurrences associated with this site. The fourth floor also presents cold spots and strange noises.

While dining at the Courtyard Restaurant, you may encounter the ghost of a woman, who tends to peer out of one of the windows located on the second floor. Employees of this eatery have also heard unexplainable footsteps about the premises. When looking out of the corner of their eyes, they believe that they have seen what looks like a person. Legend has it that a woman burned to death while the building was on fire. When the ghost comes to the window, it is actually looking for who she believes should have rescued her.

When you reach the Polish Village, the tale of a murdered woman haunts the residents. A woman by the name of Stefania was killed. The exact details of her demise are hazy, as some claim she was killed by a ghost, while others insist that she committed suicide. It has never been concluded. The townsfolk believe that her ghost haunts her former residence and since her death, only a few have dared to step foot within.