Haunted London Spots: Church Areas

The next time you are in the Oxford area, you may come across many different sights to explore. Many of these may have been included on your original itinerary, but what about all of the other spots off the beaten path. You never know what to expect when checking out the lesser-known places of a destination. They may even offer an interesting tale to explore or haunted surroundings to test your nerve. This article deals with some of the haunting church areas throughout London.


First, we will begin with Rycote Chapel, which is a lovely structure located a little ways on the outskirts of Oxford. There is a notable ghost that is said to haunt the premises here. It is not a monk, priest or nun, but that of the ghost of a Tudor lady. There are numerous places that you may have a chance to encounter this vision. She is often spotted roaming about the chapel grounds. On the side of the building, there is an old yew tree, which is also another one of her haunting spots.


There are two ghosts that might be encountered when visiting York Minster. The first ghost of this pair is a male, who appears in the form of an elderly gent. He is often seen attending the services, so this might your chance to catch sight of him. Another apparition haunts York Minster. This ghost is thought to have originated from medieval times. This is because of the type of clothing he has been seen wearing. As for the types of things that this ghost has been seen doing, he has been known to carve wood about the premises.


The history of Christ’s College can be traced back to 1505. It is best known as being part of the recognizable Cambridge University. One of the haunted tales attached to this college hails from the haunting of a former fellow of the college, a man by the name of Christopher Round. He was associated with the school during the 1800s.


One morning, Round and another student were performing experiments on the chemical, chloroform. This was a relatively new discovery in the world of science. Jealousy got the better of the pair, who were both vying for the attention of a certain young lady. As a result, the two did not get along. While conducting their scientific research, Round noticed that the chloroform was affecting his fellow colleague and on their way home, the fumes caused him to pass out into the pool. Seeing the perfect window of opportunity to become the only suitor in the young lady’s life, Round quickly snatched a branch that would have saved the other man’s life. He soon drowned afterwards.

Although it was too late, Round was moved to feel quite badly for what occurred. To this day, students believe that the ghost of the young man who let a fellow student die still haunts the school grounds. They believe to have spotted his ghost wandering about the pool, as well as the resident old, mulberry tree on the grounds.