Haunted Maine: Freeport, Kennebunk Port & More

When visiting the destination of Maine, you will find that there are numerous places to go when you are in the mood for a good scare. Some of the cities that you will find haunted locations include Freeport, Kennebunk Port, as well as Manchester.


In Freeport, there is a Buttons and Things that holds various odd reports about the place. Individuals who used to work at this store claim to have heard unexplainable footsteps, as if someone was walking about in the upstairs area. Although the property is a retail store, it used to be a home. Some employees believe that the ghosts of the past inhabitants may still haunt the premises. Some feel that others are watching them. Some even report that a figure can be spotted in a mirror that is hanging on the wall. The bells of the door chime have also been known to go off on their own.


The Casco Bay YMCA in Freeport is said to have been built upon a Native American burial ground. While on night duty, a few janitors have reported to spot the ghost of a small woman, who wanders about the pool. Who she is or what she wants has never been revealed. On Outer Heron Island, many believe that a shipwreck can be found in the area, where the captain lost his head from decapitation. It is said that his ghosts wanders about without a head.

In Kennebunk Port, the Jane Morgan Home can be found, which used to be owned by an actress by the name of Jane Morgan. When no one is inside the house, some have witnessed the unexplainable flickering of the lights. When winter falls and the owners have left the residence, footprints in the snow can be located about the house. No one knows where the footprints come from. Wallingford Hall in Kennebunk features a series of cold spots, unexplainable noises, as well as random door slammings. The apparitions of soldiers have also been sighted. They have been seen walking on the rafters that can be found in the barn.

The Blood Town Forest can be located in Lanchester, which was named during the 1970s. Camping was quite popular among the kids during this time. It is said that on one night, a couple ventured out into the forest. As the girl began to pitch the tent, her companion went to the car to retrieve something. When he reached the car, he found that the head of the girl was on top of the hood. He ran to the closest farm to call the police. When the police arrived, they found the body of the young man beside the car. From then on, tons of odd occurrences have been reported within the forest. Area farmers try to deter people from entering the forest. At the entrance of the forest, there is a large rock that can be read, which offers a detailed account.


Additional haunted locations throughout Maine include: the Devil’s Footprint in Manchester; the Old Cottage in Lebanon; the Lucerne Inn in Lucerne; Brownville Road in Millinocket; Route 26 in Poland, as well as the Old Straw House in Newfield.