Haunted Manors in Somerset, England

When paying a visit to the Somerset area, there are plenty of sights and sounds to explore, but when you are in the mood to experience a host of paranormal delights , you might want to check into the two manors mentioned in this article.


Curry Mallett Manor


Situated close to Taunton in Somerset, the Curry Mallett Manor can be found, as well as the ghostly encounters known to take place on the premises. While the house that currently occupies the grounds was constructed during the Tudor period, a wooden Saxon castle once called the same site its home. It was here that the Mallett family lived for about 900 years, beginning in the 9th century. The house has also served as shelter to various characters in history, including Henry II, William the Conqueror, and King John.


The manor possesses its own tale that includes the ghost of a woman, who often appears in Elizabethan apparel. Some believe she may have been a housekeeper in her days. Another ghost that makes himself known at the manor is that of a man who appears each anniversary of the Battle of Armada. His identity is still a mystery.


If you get a chance to visit the Curry Mallett Manor, you will find that a strange aura is connected to various rooms and other locations on the site. The garden is an especially important part of the haunted experience of the manor, which has a reputation for making people feel rather uneasy when paying a visit. One of the bedrooms overlooking the garden is also known to produce the same feeling. Legend has it that one of the lords of the manor had a habit of treating his wife rather cruelly. Sometimes, he would lock in this very room. This is why some believe a sad feeling overtakes many when entering this room because it is her forlorn spirit that still dwells within the room.


Purse Caundel Manor


In Somerset, the Purse Caundel Manor greets visitors to a medieval manor house that offers its fair share of ghostly sounds about the premises. Some of the odd noises associated with the manor include barking dogs, which often come with a hunting horn heard in the distance. Most of the odd occurrences are known to take place close to the bowling green. Rumor has it that the ghosts of King John’s hunting pack and horsemen are responsible for the unexplainable events that occur at the manor. Also, a spine-tingling sound has been reported to take place on a variety of different times. This type of song has been known to linger about the grounds that surround the manor.