Haunted Mansions and Homes in California 1

ChaplinFrom the former home of a silent film superstar to a ghost believed to play pranks on employees, a great deal of homes and mansions have a paranormal past and present in California. In this article, you will also encounter tales of homes that suffer hauntings of previous owners.

Zane Grey Mansion , Altadena

Owners of the Zane Grey Mansion have noticed odd happenings associated with the premises, including cold spots located in the library, kitchen, pantry, and even by the fireplaces. The kitchen clock seems to have a temperament of its own because when certain people entered the room , it would stop working. They also reported that unexplainable footsteps to take place across the floor of the butler pantry, leading to the formal dining room.

Coleman Mansion , Menlo Park

Today, the former Coleman Mansion is known as the Peninsula Private School, which is home to a ghost believed to be the wife of the original owner. Unfortunately, the woman lost her life when her husband accidentally shot her. Students and faculty have reported to catch sight of her ghost in what is known as the “Big Building”.

Sierra Nevada House , Coloma

The Sierra Nevada House, which has a history that dates back to 1850, seems to have a resident ghost that has a mischievous side , so much so that some of the employees blame him for pots and pans that have moved, hidden knives and forks, and other harmless pranks. Given the nickname Christopher, the ghost is not alone. A more malicious spirit called Mark has a reputation of haunting room 4. The psychic Jeanne Smith has even detected his presence. Mark is known for shooting his girlfriend in the room.

Charlie Chaplin Mansion , Echo Park

Situated on top of a hill that overlooks Echo Park, the Charlie Chaplin Mansion is found in a neighborhood called Hathaway Hills. People have always looked at the house as a spooky location , perfect for a haunting. In the past, it once served as the home for the infamous Charlie Chaplin until he sold it to a man who moved in with his family. Almost immediately, the family began to experience hardship. Curiously, one day, the man returned from work one afternoon and murdered his mother, wife, and children. The house is built in the old Victorian style and actually resembles the same kind of residence that was used in the filming of ‘Psycho.’ People in the neighborhood claim to hear strange noises, like the sounds of children screaming. Some people believe they have seen the image of the grandmother.

Andleberry Estate , Clovis

Unluckily, the Andleberry Estate was a mansion that happened to be located adjacent to an asylum for woman that dates back to the 1800’s. Inside the asylum, the women underwent terrible experiments. The estate is thought to house the ghosts of former patients, who are still scared and angry at the treatment they received in the past. When you walk past the house, the feeling of unease and dread may rest upon your shoulders. The mansion is located on Clovis Avenue, nearly across the street from the Sierra Vista Mall with the asylum in the back. During the Halloween season, the owner of the estate holds a haunted house, which creates the perfect time to pay a visit.